Disclosure: I received a copy of One Of The Few by Jason Ladd for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

When I received an email from author Jason B Ladd asking me to review his book, One Of The Few, I was delighted to say yes, even though I have taken a break from book reviews.

Book reviews used to be a big part of A Cookie Before Dinner, but as 2016 twisted and turned, so did the content of this space. These days, I am spending a lot of time writing for the people who live in my back yard… providing them with content that helps them to make parenting in Western MA easier.

However, Jason’s tag line hooked me in…. A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance Of The Christian Worldview.

Living in Western MA is awesome. The kids and I adore the amount of family friendly activities there are for us here, my husband loves the outdoors and likes to hike and we love the diversity of people.

But as Christians, we’re in the minority here. We’re okay with this, but we are constantly reconciling our worldview as we try our best to love our neighbors. There are a lot of times when we feel like we’re the odd balls out when it comes to the values we want for our family. In reading One of the Few, it was refreshing to see that there are times when others are the odd ones out too.

What I loved about One of the Few is that Jason is a master storyteller who has an amazing ability to take his story and translate it into a relatable message rooted in scripture.

This book would be a great buy for anyone who is looking to reconcile their world with God’s word or for any military man.

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