This post about 6 awesome reasons to build a capsule wardrobe is sponsored by Stonyfield. As a Stonyfield ambassador, I was compensated and received a piece of clothing from prAna. All opinions are my own.

One of my new motherhood goals is to build a capsule wardrobe for myself. I already rock a “momiform” and I’m ready to take things up a notch. When I think about the reasons to build a capsule wardrobe, the things I GAIN are way greater than the clothes I’m going to “lose.” I’m excited to dive into building it and I thought it would be fun to share about it in this space. I’m sure this is the first of many posts about it!

Reasons To Build A Capsule Wardrobe

reasons to build a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe will save me money. 

The beauty of a capsule wardrobe is that the pieces are carefully curated to mix and match. Typically, a capsule wardrobe is around 40 pieces. Pieces can be mixed and matched to make many different outfit combinations. One of the cornerstones of a capsule wardrobe is that you don’t shop often. Each capsule is built for a season (spring, summer, fall or winter).

A capsule wardrobe eliminates decision overwhelm. 

The pieces not included in this season’s capsule wardrobe are removed from the closet. Things are donated, passed on or tucked away (for a future capsule). It won’t take me more than a few minutes to get dressed because the hard work of matching has already happened (when I matched the wardrobe).

A capsule wardrobe focuses on quality, not quantity. 

Instead of buying pieces that are only meant for a season, building a capsule wardrobe will help me to focus on the long term usage. Recently, prAna sent me a lovely dress. This dress will be included in each season of my capsule, because while it is sleeveless, it can be layered. It will look just as cute with sandals and a chunky necklace this summer as it will this winter with tights and a cardigan.

Every capsule needs a basic black dress. Here’s a link to the awesome one prAna sent.

A capsule wardrobe minimizes the laundry. 

I know what you’re thinking…. a capsule wardrobe means that you’ll have to do the laundry more. But at my house we just keep on adding to the laundry pile until someone is out of socks/undies. If I’ve only got three pairs of jeans, that means that the laundry can’t back up too far before I have to handle it. That sounds like a total win, to me!

A capsule wardrobe gives me white space in my closet. 

I am SO EXCITED about this. Because there will be less pieces in my closet, they’ll be more space and less clutter! I hate putting my clothes away right now because there isn’t enough room!

A capsule wardrobe makes packing for travel a breeze. 

We travel quite a bit and I’m always stressed out trying to pack for myself. Having all of my “looks” already pulled together and my capsule wardrobe complete means that I just need to open up my suitcase and put my clothes in! No need to hunt for my favorite sweater or jeans. They’re already where I know I can find them!

Just like automating my wardrobe, Stonyfield helps me automate my breakfast! The toppings might change, but it’s always whole milk Greek for me!