“I just can’t do it all. I feel like I’m a jack of all trades, but a master of none,” I said.

“Maybe you’ve just got too much on your plate right now,” he replied.

My husband was right. My plate is overflowing right now. Between work and motherhood and working motherhood- I am in a season of life that is busier than I’ve ever been in before. There are days when I go to bed wondering if I’ve done enough both for my family and professionally.

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If you’re like me, there are days when motherhood is overwhelming. I adore my kids and love being with them. If I could just play and read stories with them all day, I would. But, it wouldn’t be long before our house was filthy, we had nothing clean to wear, and were starving.

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Overwhelmed Mom? 8 Tips For Making Things Happen

Overwhelmed by motherhood and housework? Make it happen with this action plan.

  1. Make a list of everything you need to get done. It doesn’t have to be in any sort of order, just get it out of your brain and onto paper.
  2. Prioritize. Now that you’ve got everything in front of you, what are the TOP FIVE things you want to get done. These should be
  3. Make a plan and schedule your day. This is different than your first list. Schedule out when you’re going to make your top five happen. Get specific. When are you going to fold the laundry and when are you going return emails?
  4. Do the next right thing. Seriously. Instead of crying at the sight of your to do list, make something happen.
  5. Ride the snowball. Remember how awesome it felt when you knocked something off of your list? Replicate that feeling by killing another item on it (rinse, lather, repeat).
  6. Step away from Facebook. I mean this with lots of love but 9.95 times out of 10, checking social media isn’t going to move you closer to getting your top five accomplished.
  7. Be flexibly inflexible. You wrote down when you were going to clean the kitchen, so try to adhere to that time frame. Jumping from chore to chore or from action item to action item is going to leave you with a lot of half done projects. Finish one thing and then move onto the next. 
  8. Build in a little fun. I love using the pomodoro technique to work, 50 minutes of hustle + 10 minutes of fun! I use this during nap time to make sure I utilize the time I’ve got while the children won’t interrupt me!

Disclosure: There are affiliate links present in this post I received a copy of Lose The Cape:Realities from Busy Modern Moms and Strategies to Survive for review. This blog post was inspired by it.

Lose the Cape is an attempt to reach out to all moms and let you know you’re already super. You don’t need the “cape,” really. Still, who couldn’t use a little help? Lose the Cape features Lose the caperesources galore– including suggestions and tips from a diverse group of moms to make life run smoother. Organization, meal planning, morning and evening routines, battling new mommy worries, and so forth are all tackled in one place to provide a handbook for any mom looking for some relief.

This book is the resource I wished was available when I first became a mother- my expectations of motherhood didn’t meet my realities. It is full of practical advice and just about every mother will take away something new and useful to implement in their life.

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