I’ve polled a bunch of my friends and it seems to me as though most of you don’t know the second verse of Ring Around The Rosie. Hat tip for today’s post goes to Swansea who taught this to me when I attended her playgroup with Malone. Lola and I currently attend her playgroup at the Northampton Parent’s Center. The NPC is a sanity saver, especially in the winter months (more on that another day).

Malone and I have been singing the second verse of Ring Around The Rosie for over five years. But before that, I didn’t know it existed. As a child, I sang Ring Around The Rosie like this.

Ring around the Rosie

A pocket full of posies.

Ashes, ashes, we all fall down!

And that was the end of it. We all fell down and that was in the end of it.

The Second Verse Of Ring Around The Rosie!

The second verse of Ring Around The Rosie! Did you know there was a secret second verse? Me either!

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The cows are in the meadow,

eating buttercups!

Thunder (slap the floor), lightening (clap), we all stand up!

Pretty cute right?

I don’t know if it is a regional thing or not. A lot of parents in my area know the second verse of Ring Around The Rosie because they attend(ed) Swansea’s playgroup. Out of everyone I spoke to via Facebook, the only person that knew it! Christie from Letters From The Nest told me she grew up singing it!

I am so happy to be passing this random information about the second verse of Ring Around The Rosie to you today! Now you can sing it properly too!

Poll time! Did you know the second verse?