Many thanks to the folks at #Cube for providing me a sample to facilitate this review. All opinions and my messy desk are my own. Affiliate links present in this post.

One of the things I am declaring over myself for 2015 is to end the fruitless social media scroll. There are times in my life when instead of focusing on the task before me or engaging with the world right in front of my eyes, I turn my face to my phone and look at shiny beautiful life online shown through a perfect filter.

I’ve started to take small steps in the right direction over the last few weeks.

My first goal was to keep my desk clean. If I have a space that isn’t cluttered, I am much more likely to be focused on what needs to get done.

Hashtag Cube Review 1

In the past, this would have looked like a clean desk. Now? Just looking at it makes me twitchy.

We have a clutter problem in our house (the top of my desk drives me insane too). I’m working hard to get rid of it and reminding everyone that they are capable of putting away their own things. A lot of days, a random and assorted pile of things makes their way to my desk instead of getting put away in their proper homes. Don’t know where something goes? Oh, just put it on mom’s desk and she’ll figure it out.


I spend a lot of time at my desk. It varies but it is often upwards of 20 hours a week. Most of my time is spent writing and networking through social media. Somehow, I’ve managed to turn this tiny little blog of mine into a not so tiny blog anymore. It has been amazing to see my hard work pay off and my dreams for my online space come true.

I need my space to function and to be beautiful.

hashtag cube review 5

I also need it to be free of tons of paper and pens. I’ve finally found a combination of a planner and to do list that works well for me. The to do list is a Clean Mama printable. And because I know you’ll ask, you can find it here. 

hashtag cube review 3

William Morris said it best

Have nothing in your life that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

Slowly but surely, I’m getting there.

My desk is prime real estate and because I am working really hard at keeping it clean and free of clutter, the things that get to stay on my desk have to adhere to the William Morris quote guidelines.

The #Cube is aesthetically beautiful and has a very useful function.

The #Cube is a living canvas. It looks like a digital photo frame. However connects with wifi and scrolls Instagram in real time. While it doesn’t have the ability to let you leave a comment on someone’s post, it does a big heart button on the top so you can favorite someone’s photo without being on your phone.

hashtag cube review 2

The #Cube has several different options for your feed. You can search by user, hashtag, scroll what is popular, or scroll your main feed. It has built in wireless and updates photos in live time.

I typically have mine on all day. I switch between my main feed and my user name. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I take a ton of photos of my children.

This is an amazing way to show off your photos without having to be on the phone or having a million pictures out. The screen is about three times bigger than my iPhone screen. It is portable so you could take with with you to the office or have it displayed at a birthday party other function.

Hashtag Cube Review 4

The #Cube would make a great gift for just about anyone on your list especially those hard to buy for teenagers and the grandparents who have everything.

The #Cube is available on Amazon or through their website.