What if we did the best that we could with the resources we had all time time?

What if we set out of our house everyday with the intention of seeking out the loner, the shy one in the corner, or the mom who looked like she just needed to catch a freaking break?

What if we smiled as we broke the ice with them and found common ground despite a different background?

What if we asked “how are you doing?” and took the time to really hear the answer?

What if we answered that question with honesty instead of “just fine.”

What if instead of gazing past the busker, the beggar, and the man who just needs a hot meal, we looked them in the eye and told them to have a nice day as we passed them by?

What if once in awhile we fished around for the spare change in our pocket or purse and threw a little their way?

What if we took the time to learn their names and hear their stories?

What if we said hello to them by name and encouraged our children to do the same?

What if we read one more bedtime story or sang one last song before bed?

What if we said yes to play, yes to mess, and yes to that stupid thing we HATE doing with our kid?

What if we got excited over their joys and saw the world through their lens?

What if we hugged more and yelled less?

What if we did that one thing that scares us to death? That thing that is so scary and exciting we think about it all the time and it terrifies us to our very core.

What if we said yes to that fear,  and took baby steps to follow our dreams?

What if we stopped with the judgement and started acting from a place of love?

What if we stopped with the what ifs completely?

What if instead we changed it to we will?

The world would change.

That’s what if……