Perfect Panzanella

perfect panzanella salad featured

We attended a summer veggie themed pot luck on Friday night. I knew that the crew was at least 75% vegetarian so volunteered to bring a main dish, knowing that I could whip up a batch of perfect panzanella.  Confession. I am not a food blogger. But, I am a blogger who loves food. And [...]

Ask Away Friday With Lisa From Expandng

Lisa Expandng

Friday means it is time for another round of Ask Away Friday. You know the drill! 2 bloggers + 10 questions + link up = an awesome way to get to know your favorite bloggers and discover new ones!   Lisa and I met after I noticed she started commenting on a lot of my [...]

Book First, Then Movie

Book First, Then Movie

Book first, then movie has been the rule in our house for as long as I can remember. I remember my mother whispering it to me when I begged her to let me watch The Wizard Of Oz for the first time. “Nan, you only get to experience the story for the first time ONCE! [...]

Christmas In July: 10 Things To Do Now

Christmas In July New a

Christmas in July to do list. Easy peasy lemon squeezy things you can do NOW to AVOID STRESS later. Christmas Day is just a few months away. It is nice and warm outside, but I’ve got Christmas on my mind. Every December, I seem to get whistle bit both with my budget and my time. Never [...]

Sneaky Homeschool

Sneaky Homeschool

My preschooler has been out of school for just about three weeks. Winter really did us in this year and the kids didn’t get out until the very end of June. Because of his zest for learning and love for following rules, Malone was invited to participate in a summer school program as a peer [...]

Raffi Is Back! Love Bug Releases July 15

Raffi Love Bug

Raffi’s album, Love Bug,  releases on July 15th. I was sent an advance copy to review. All opinions are my own. I grew up listening to Raffi’s music. The cassette player in my mother’s Buick had two tapes that were just for me, Raffi and Peter, Paul, and Mary. The soundtrack of my preschool days [...]

Women Entrepreneur Revolution

Women Entrepreneur Revolution 1b

Disclosure: I received an advance copy of this book for review purposes. All opinions are my own. Affiliate links present. If I could talk about any subject all day long it would be blogging. My second favorite topic is the business of blogging. Which is why I jumped at the chance to read Jenn Aubert’s [...]

Ask Away Friday With The Real Nani

The Real Nani

Hooray for Friday! It is time for another Q and A with a fellow blogger for Ask Away Friday. I love Ask Away Friday because it gives me a chance to share a bit more of my story with you guys.   This week’s swap is with Nancy who writes at The Real Nani. Nancy’s [...]

A Little Something Just For Me. A Perfectly Posh Review.

Perfectly Posh Review

While I was in Illinois visiting my family, I came across someone who was selling a product I hadn’t heard about before. I was drawn to her table at a vendor fair because of the product’s great use of fonts. Weird right? After chatting with independent consultant, Candy Johnstone, I knew Perfectly Posh was an [...]

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