Preschool Salvation Story

Stations Of The Cross

One of the best blogging communities on this earth is Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday crew. I love Five Minute Friday because the rules don’t allow much time for me to get to brainy about my words. There are no edits, no proofreading, or rewording of sentences. We write around a single prompt, hit [...]

5 Reasons Why This Mother Is Having A Meltdown

5 Reasons  Why This Mother Is Having A

Disclosure: Affiliate links are present in this post. If you click through to Amazon and buy this book, I will receive a small commission. All opinions are my own. I received a press copy of this book last October and am excited to tell you about this book. It doesn’t suck. Trust me. You’ll love [...]

Musical Treats: Lishy Lou & Lucky Too


The other day I heard Malone singing these lyrics while he was fighting his way through a new puzzle, a new 100+ piece one. “Don’t you give up, even if it gets tough. Keep your head up. And don’t you quit.” Those lyrics are from the song Jackie, which can be found on the album [...]

Ask Away Friday With Sarah From Beauty School Dropout

Beauty School Drop Out

Welcome back to my part of the world. I know that I’ve been missing in action for the last few weeks. The first week was an intentional break. Last week, we spent the week in Florida visiting with Mike’s  93 year old grandmother. Her health took a serious turn while I was on blogcation. We [...]

A Confession


I have a stack of letters and cards tucked away and saved for a rainy day. In this sweet little box I’ve got just about every kind of correspondence you can imagine- birthday cards, just because cards, random notes, and holiday well wishes. I have years worth of emails archived in my account. I take [...]

What I Am Up To


On Saturday afternoon we got a call that Michael’s 93 year old grandmother’s health had taken a serious turn for the worse. We, along with the kids and Mike’s mom packed the car and set out for Florida. We drove straight through. 12 states, 24 hours. We are soaking up the sun and family time. [...]


This is a friendly little note (sans cute graphic even) to say that I’m taking this week off from publishing this blog. I hope to still be commenting and reading, and perhaps even on social media a bit. But really? My real line life needs me right now more than my online life. See you [...]

Ask Away Friday With The Dose Girls


Lisa and Ashley are two of my favorite bloggers on this planet. They write the hilarious blog The Dose Of Reality. My “a” key on my keyboard is permanently sticky from the number of times they’ve made me spit coffee and laugh out loud. One of my favorite things about them is that they find [...]

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