It happened to me. I’ve read about it happening to other bloggers because they were brave enough to write about it.

Instead of celebrating someone else’s recent success, I felt badly about myself and where I am on my blogging journey.

It happened over and over and over again last week. A blogger I admire signed an ebook deal. Another wrote a post that went viral.  I learned that a friend who’s only been blogging for a few months has upwards of 5,000 page views a day, which is more than I get in a month. I joined a few new social networks, found my friends, and realized I have a lot of work to do to “catch up.” It seemed as though the more time I was online in the blogging community, the unhappier I became.

It made me unfocused. I came to the computer to write, but instead found myself cruising Facebook.

It was bad, y’all. BAD.

My kids are still babies at 4 years old and 12 weeks. I don’t have time to invest in something that makes me unhappy. I also do not have a second of time in my day to waste. I need to make every minute of my day matter with intentional tasks.

I needed to get to the root of why something I loved was causing so much upheaval in my world. It only took a few seconds to figure it out.


What an ugly word. I had let it steal my joy. I got caught up hard and fast in what others were up to, instead of focusing on what I was doing.

Blogging With Horse BlindersSo where do I go from here?

Malone and I were reading a book at the library when we discovered why horses wear blinders.

  1. Race horses wear blinders to keep them focused on what is ahead.
  2. Farming horses wear blinders to keep them from being distracted from everything else around them while they work.

Blogging Horse BlindersI’ve decided I’m blogging like a horse wearing blinders.

Just like in life, everyone’s blogging  journey is different. I am no where near where I was a year ago when I first started A Cookie Before Dinner. I adore blogging and everything about it- the community, the creative side, and learning the business side. There isn’t any part of this that feels like “work” so I know I’m in the right spot.

I choose to celebrate the success of my friends. But I’m also choosing to work hard to stay focused on my goals. The goals I have for this blog, for my family, and for myself.

When I come the the computer, it will be with intention. If I fall down the rabbit hole of Pinterest or Facebook, it will be because I’ve set aside time to be there. Not because I’m bored.

I can’t let comparison steal my joy again.

I’ve got my blinders on y’all.

I realize today’s post is about blogging, but the overall theme is universal. What is the biggest time thief  in your life? What do you let steal your joy? Let’s keep this conversation going in the comments below.

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