As I stated before I am a serial blogger. I think in the last three years I’ve had at least three different blogs. I want to get all of my writing in one space. This was originally posted on my now defunct blog A Pocket Full Of Dinosaurs and was linked with Mama Kat on 9/20/11.

I am from my grandfather’s garden, from New Kids On The Block, and Indian summer.

I am from the house on the black top just outside of town. A house my grandparents worked and saved for to make their own. A house that is now someone else’s home.

I am from the knee high by the 4th of July corn and the sweet perfect cherry tomato picked right off the vine.

I am from Come, Lord Jesus be our guest, meatloaf served at holiday meals, and the greatest stories ever retold, from Hartley and Ralph and Rosemary and JoDee.

I am from the inside joke Christmas gift, a post meal nap, and the Easter Eggs hidden in ridiculous places. From sports teams that get your hopes up and the phrase “wait till next year.”

I am from the proud, loyal, and stubborn. The hard working, the savers and sage advice givers.

I am from the your love of reading with take you far, because I said so, don’t make me pull this car over, and I always have time to go for a walk with you.

I am from the candle lit Christmas Eve church service and songs so familiar they are written on my heart.

I am from the Midwest via Sweden, Kringla, Cream Of XYZ Soup, and Oreo Dessert.

I am from the Papa who fell off the roof and broke his leg because he thought it was a good idea to stand on a bucket instead of use a ladder, the Nana who said “I told you so”, and the Papa who thought it really wasn’t that big of deal.

I am gone now and planting my roots somewhere else. But I will always be from a postage stamp between four cornfields. From Tastee Freeze, the swimming pool, and Town & Country Days.