Welcome Spring? Please come. I’m desperate.

The calendar says that today is the first day of spring. A glance outside tells me otherwise.

I don’t remember any other time that I’ve been so desperate for warm weather. I need park time with Malone, a weather related reason to shave my legs, and an excuse to paint my toe nails.

Every time I hear the song “Here Comes The Sun” by the Beatles, I know exactly what they are celebrating. It has been a long cold lonely winter here in New England. Ahh.. New England. It’s not like I didn’t know what to expect when I moved here. I’m just over it.

Snow and I are no longer friends.

And that stupid groundhog lied.

The ONLY thing I’ve got going for me right now in the spring department is Daylight Savings. Which according to my friend Tamara, should be a national holiday. She’s wise. And an amazing writer and photographer. You should read her blog. Also, her husband might be the best cooks I know. For real.

Malone is feeling the itch too. He’s been talking about beach time and wondering when we can play at the park again.

Sorry buddy. I wish I knew that answer. I can tell you that it will be after the snow melts and hopefully before the rain starts.

And what kills me the most looking back at the last THREE years, the weather has been amazing by now.

In 2010 a chubbster Malone crawled in the grass in a onesie and socks. And then he wore the best outfit ever sold by The Gap. 2010

In 2011 a baby/toddler Malone took a stroll downtown and donned one of my favorite rainbow themed outfits later. As I write this, he’s rocking those same pants just a few sizes larger thanks to a recent thrifting adventure. Babies in chucks? I die. 2011.jpg

In 2012 it was warm enough at the St. Patrick’s Day parade for short sleeves and snow cones. 2012.jpg

And here we stand in 2013 with snow on the ground and all of our winter gear still in heave rotation. This year at the St. Patrick’s Day parade Malone wore snow boots, a hat, and a heavy jacket. I had mittens and snow pants on standby.


Come soon Spring.

Pretty please?



5 Responses to Welcome Spring? Please come. I’m desperate.

  1. ugggggghhhhhhhhhhh.

    The kids keep talking about going to the Cape. Me too, kiddos, me toooooo!, is all I can say.
    Nancy recently posted..Keeping It Real, In the KitchenMy Profile

  2. I’m sending warm thoughts your way. Hopefully they will help to melt the snow, and bring you a little spring.
    Tracie recently posted..Rainbow Day – Being BoldMy Profile

  3. Ugh! I am in New England as well and it is just painful right now. The last snow storm just about did me in and my children are so sick of snow days it isn’t even funny. My daughter’s first softball game is in two weeks – I am hoping it is going to work out!

  4. Hopefully it warms up soon! The cold weather is so rough!
    Shell recently posted..Pour Your Heart Out: It’s Not OkayMy Profile

  5. Tamara Camera

    Aww..thanks for the shoutout! Let’s turn it into our own local holiday around here..next year. Missed it this time.
    Tamara Camera recently posted..Bye Bye Birdie.My Profile

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