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Summer is on full blast here in New England and we find ourselves spending lots of time at the Canoe Club. It’s very similar to a country club, only so much more relaxed. There isn’t golf, fancy dinners or a dress code. Instead, there are two pools, a playground, places to picnic and barbeque, tennis courts, docks for boating and the beautiful banks of a river filled with boat traffic that I never tire of watching. In other words, it’s an oasis for our suburban souls.

The Canoe Club doesn’t offer a space for canoeing, which is ironic if you ask me. But within the history of the space, it once did. Back in the 1890’s it was the place to be if you loved canoeing and wanted to spend time with your family. These days, it is the place to be for working professionals with kids.

I’ve learned so much from the people I’ve hung out with at the club this summer, including how magical grocery delivery service from Peapod is. We were sitting around lamenting about what it feels like to come home from vacation and have to grocery shop when my friend shared that she schedules a delivery from Peapod to arrive a few hours after they get home.

This recipe for watermelon mint lemonade is inspired by the new friends I’ve made this summer at the Canoe Club. Friends who have taught me what it means to work smarter instead of harder and who know how awesome it is to start with something and make it your own. I loved trying out my friend’s recommendation to use Peapod to deliver my groceries (more on that soon).

Watermelon Mint Lemonade

Enjoy refreshing watermelon mint lemonade with watermelon ice cubes!

This Watermelon Mint Lemonade is based on individual drinks instead of family style.

watermelon mint lemonade

Here’s what you need to make watermelon mint lemonade. 

  • 1 Minute Maid® Lemonade 12 Pack Cans
  • ¼ Pound Of Watermelon Cubed & Frozen
  • Fresh Mint Sprigs
  • Paper Straws
  • Cups

Step 1: Cut and freeze the watermelon. To make watermelon ice cubes, cut ¼ pound of watermelon into cubes, place on a wax paper lined cookie sheet and freeze over night.

Step 2: Cut fresh lemon for garnish and chop mint.

Step 3: Combine Minute Maid Lemonade with a few watermelon ice cubes and sprigs of fresh mint.

Step 4: Enjoy an epic refreshing summer treat!

This recipe can very easily become a drink station for a party or friend gathering. Set out pretty glasses, cans of Minute Maid, fresh mint, and a bowl of watermelon ice cubes. Sit back and enjoy! My drink station also features FUZE Ice Tea because I like to offer variety!

One thing to always keep in mind when you set up a drink station is that it should be a feast for the eyes. Try different textures, color and height levels until you find something that is just perfect! You don’t have to use something fancy or spend a lot of money. Paper straws and mason style jars work just fine! Shop around your house!

watermelon mint lemonade drink station

This is such a fun way to enjoy summer refreshments with Minute Maid and FUZE Tea.

As I said above, my friend mentioned how much she loved Peapod. I tried it out to order the ingredients I needed to make the watermelon mint lemonade. I had to order a few others things too, which worked out just fine because Peapod is essentially a delivery service for Stop & Shop (I could even use my Stop & Shop card).

I ordered online and not only were my groceries delivered to my house, they were carried in by the delivery man!

I found the website to be easy to navigate. And I love that I could see my grocery bill total as I shopped, it helped keep my within my budget. Peapod has thousands of weekly specials and savings in every category, just like a regular grocery store. They accept (and double up to $.99) manufacturer’s coupons.

Peapod Grocery Delivery rocks! I used it get the the ingredients for watermelon mint lemonade.

The quality of the produce we received was amazing. I know that people can be funny about picking produce, but the watermelon we received was perfectly ripe and the best one we’ve gotten so far this summer.

As a bonus, you can get $20 off first Peapod order and 60 days of free delivery. Check out more about Peapod!