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We go on a lot of family road trips. Each year, we put at least 2500 miles on the car traveling together. It is something we really really love doing together and at this point? Road tripping is part of our family culture.

Along the way, I’ve picked up a few tricks about how to maximize your time in the car together. I’ve also forgotten a few things along the way too. Today, I’m going to share with you 5 things you forgot to pack for your family road trip.

5 Things You Forgot To Pack For Your Family Road Trip

Road Trip Tips For Families. You totally forgot to pack these things for your family road trip!

Bathing suits

You forgot to pack your bathing suits. Even if you don’t think you’re going to stop at a place that has a pool to swim in, chances are high that you’re going to find yourself wishing you had them. I will never forget the time we happened upon a beach right near a bathroom stop. We had time in our schedule to swim, but no bathing suits!


If you’re like me, you make most transactions with your debit or credit card. I almost NEVER carry cash on me, which makes me sad when we come across cute little farm stands and flea markets I want to stop at!

Reading Material

When we drive, I find that I have time on my hands to read. After the kids get settled on an activity in the back seat, I’ve got time to dig into a good book too. I love that my kids see me reading a book and not a looking at a screen. There is likely going to be other times on your road trip when a book will come in handy (the beach and relaxing in front of the fireplace at the hotel come to mind).

A Medicine Kit

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve needed ours! We keep ours stocked with a variety of medicine as well as a thermometer. We once woke up to a feverish kiddo in a hotel room and thus began our medicine kit. Have you ever tried to locate a 24 hour pharmacy in a town you don’t know at 2:00 am? Not fun!

So, when sick gets real, I want to have on hand the things I need. I don’t want to have to run out and get them, I want to have them. I hope that I don’t need them on our trip!

5 things you forgot to pack before leaving on a road trip with your family

Our most traveled brands are from  Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, Children’s Advil®, Children’s Robitussin® and Children’s Dimetapp®. This trifecta is a powerhouse in our travel medicine kit.

We keep Children’s Advil® on hand to ease aches and pains and to reduce fever fast (ages 2 to 11). Children’s Robitussin® Extended-Release 12 Hour Cough Relief  helps coughs and controls symptoms all-day or all- night (ages 4 and up). Children’s Dimetapp® Multi-Symptom Cold Relief Dye-Free helps ease a stuffy and runny nose and quiets coughs (ages 6 and up).

Ear Plugs & Headphones

When we travel together, my sweet family of four is often sharing a bedroom for an extended period of time. My husband loves to unwind by watching a movie on his phone and my daughter snores. If your family is like mine, you’ll be thankful that you remembered these two things!

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