I am weary.

I need rest.

My burden is heavy.

My soul is restless.

If I am honest with myself, these are the truths that are currently hidden beneath my tongue.

I know why they are there. As a family, we are facing a lot of uncertainty in the next coming months. Mike’s company is moving all of his office’s operations overseas by the end of 2014. We are welcoming our second child at the end of the summer. There are a lot of logistics and what ifs to worry about.

Usually, I can “see” ahead and make some loose plans. But since I’ve learned I was pregnant, I haven’t been able to see past my delivery. Partially because I don’t know what the baby’s personality will be like. Malone’s newborn days were REALLY hard one me. He wasn’t a sleeper. Or a napper. I also don’t know how Malone will adjust to being an older brother. And did I mention that right after Labor Day he’s going to start preschool at a new school?

Linnel Beach

This is one of my places of rest. We are headed there this weekend. I am blessed that my mother in law lives within walking distance. My husband grew up at this beach.

Hearing the waves crashing and seeing a sunrise painted just for me is exactly what I need. I’m clinging to my faith these days as tightly as I can. There are times when I feel like that’s about all that I’ve got.

His yoke is easy and his burden is light.