Winter is here and with that comes the one thing parents seem to dread and kids love, the snow day. This year, I am determined to be prepared. I’ve got my pantry and freezer stocked with our snow day necessities and I’ve got something else in my back pocket too! A snow day schedule for my kids! Affiliate links present.

I don’t know if your kids are like mine, but they THRIVE on a predictable schedule. They love knowing what is coming next. So in an attempt to keep the crazy at bay, I’ve pulled together a snow day schedule for kids.

Take my idea, and make it your own. Please. For the love of your sanity, just do it.

Snow Day Schedule for Kids supplies:

  1. Poster board
  2. A marker

My snow day schedule is a mix of activities. I always have the ingredients in my pantry and freezer for the meals I’m going to make today. We eat chicken noodle soup and tacos on a regular basis, but pancakes and baking cookies are snow day treats. I like to do hot chocolate in the morning and tea in the afternoon. This way, there is more time to burn off the sugar crazies from the hot chocolate.

My Snow Day Schedule for Kids

8:00 am Breakfast! Let’s make pancakes.

8:30 am Clean up time. Make your beds and pick up toys. While they do this, I’ll clean up the kitchen.

9:00 am Outside!  Do you want to build a snowman? We were gifted this adorable snowman kit a few years ago. It’s given us TONS of miles. And as a bonus, no one is stealing my scarf anymore since the snowman has his own.

10:00 am Hot chocolate time.

10:30 am Craft time. Let’s make slime! For the slime recipe go to Little Bins for Little Hands. She’s got a great one.

11:30 am Lunch- chicken noodle soup with bread and apples.

12:00 pm Make forts in the living room and then watch a movie.

2:00 pm. Reading time.

2:30 pm Sledding!

4:00 pm Tea time. Write a letter to grandma too!

4:30 pm Baking time. Make chocolate chip cookies for our neighbors. For more great intentional acts of kindness, check out this post. 

5:30 pm Cookie delivery time.

6:00 pm Dinner! Tacos with salad.

6:45 pm Bubble baths.

7:30 pm Pajama time & stories!

8:00 pm Bedtime.

make a snow day schedule for your kids and keep everyone happy all day long!

This also lays out our snow day rules. These rules are just as much for the kids as they are for me. I drive the way our day is going to be because my kids look to me to set the tone of the day. If I’m a grump about a snow day, they will be grumpy too!

  1. Speak kind words.
  2. Look for ways to be a helper.
  3. Be a team player.
  4. Clean up your messes.
  5. Have an awesome day.

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