Silence Is Golden

This is just a little love note from me to you. I’ve got a lot of ideas and dreams for this space which need a bit of time to be fleshed out.

In addition to really (FINALLY!) drilling down this space, I plan to do a lot of commenting. So if you’ve arrived at this message via my comment on my blog, thank you so much for stopping by. I will be back on line posting again in about a week to ten days. Check back around May first.

These are a few of my favorite posts. Please do enjoy them while I’m working behind the scenes.

10 Reasons Why I Gave My Preschooler A Real Camera

What If?

And Time Marched On

A Pink Loving Boy

Not A Perfect Day. Not Even Good. In Fact, Pretty Shitty.

See you soon!




One Response to Silence Is Golden

  1. christie elkins

    This is EXACTLY what I am doing this week, a “blog spring break”. Just need time to clear my mind! My post this morning sounds almost just like this. May God bless you during your absence and fill your spirit!

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