If you are following me on Instagram, you know that Team Rongner LOVES a good fair. Big or small, it doesn’t really matter to us. We’ll rock the socks off a tiny street fair as much as we would a state fair. On Saturday morning we decided to head to the Westfield Fair. The Westfield Fair is right over the mountain from us and is always a good time. This fair is a small time county fair and was just what our family needed. We brought the place down! We were there from 10:00 am to 9:00 pm!

Scenes from the Westfield Fair.

An oil drum milking cow! I don’t know who put this together, but Malone had a blast “milking” her. When you squeezed the teat, baby oil squirted out. Malone was fascinated by this and it opened the way to a conversation about how we actually get our drinking milk.

An oil drum cow seen at the Westfield Fair in Westefield MA

One of the great things about the Westfield Fair is that it is very child focused. Every child was offered a free raffle ticket for a chance to win a new bike. We didn’t end up winning, but I just love that they gave everyone a chance. You couldn’t purchased extra tickets and you had to be present to win.

There were several child focused events put on by the fair committee. These were all free of charge. It enabled us to stretch our budget a bit further and really soak in everything the fair had to offer. Going to a fair can be so expensive!

I don’t have a photo of it, but there was a really nice shaded area with a sand box. But instead of sand inside, there was feed corn. There was also dump trucks, diggers, and shovels. Malone is teetering on the edge of big kid, but loved playing there. We spent a great deal of time drinking lemonade and watching him play while Lola attempted to nap in the stroller.

The corn box was  right next to where some of the other free children’s events took place. There was a pedal tractor pull for children as well as a candy dash. The candy dash is always a lot of fun- it’s basically an Easter Egg Hunt without the eggs. There is a rolling start, with the itty bitties getting a chance to grab some before the bigs run in.

The one event Malone WAS interested in was the pie eating contest. And by pie, I mean Cool Whip. Because I am brilliant, I made him take off his shirt. This made for a super easy clean up!

Malone got second place and a Westfield Fair ribbon which now hangs proudly in his room. He very proudly showed off his ribbon for the rest of the day.

Malone earns a ribbon for pie eating at the Westfield Fair

After the pie eating contest, Malone headed to the Midway to ride the rides. I loved this fair because for $25.00 you could buy an unlimited ride wrist band. It was nice to be able to say yes, please go ride that again! Malone is has a lot of his mama in him, I loved riding carnival rides as a kid too! The rides at this carnival were geared towards the eight and under crowd. There was only one ride for the big kids, which was fine for us.

Michael and I agreed that we’d say yes to just about anything within reason that Malone wanted to do at the Westfield Fair. This meant a cotton candy and a balloon hat. And by balloon hat I mean a pile of balloons he wore for five minutes before making me carry them around the rest of the day. They were made by a magician who entertained the kids and were another freebie. Seriously, this fair has my heart.

Malone wears a balloon hat and eats cotton candy at the Westfield Fair

After chowing down on whipped sugar, I took Malone and his friend Liam to get their faces painted. The last time we were at this fair, the face painting didn’t go well for us. I had to wash it off of him immediately after he got it (he was barely three at the time). This time, my five year old rocked Wolverine like a boss. It has mostly all come off now, but Malone still looks like he’s wearing blue eyeliner.

Malone's painted Wolverine Face at the Westfield Fair

We ran into a lot of people we knew at this small fair. Malone’s friend Liam is one of our favorite tiny humans. We’ve done a lot of life together with him and his parents. The kids were getting restless waiting for the demolition derby to start. It was crowded and hot. Taking selfies seemed like the only answer. You can tell both boys were at the END of waiting patiently.

Westfield Fair superhero selfie

We powered through and Malone had a BLAST watching the cars beat each other up. I have fond memories of going to the fair and watching the demolition derby with my grandparents. I’m glad I get to pass this experience on to my kids.

Lola loved the demolition derby at the Westfield Fair too. She’s not quite one and we were worried she’d freak out at the noise. Nope, our little derby queen clapped and signed for more the entire time! There aren’t any photos of her to share, she spent most of the day chilling or napping in her stroller.

Westfield Fair Demolition Derby

After the derby, we went back to the carnival for some more rides. Have I mentioned how much I loved having an unlimited ride wrist band? Malone probably went through the fun house at least one hundred times!

Nighttime at the Westfield Fair

I’m pretty sure that going to the Westfield Fair is going to be an annual tradition for us!

What summer traditions do you have? Do you love the fair as much as I do?

I’m linking this post up today with my friends Rabia and Lisa who host a great link up called The Tuesday Ten. Today’s theme is the 10 pictures on my phone. I don’t quite have 10 here, but close enough.