In the spirit of keeping it real, I’m going to confess a few things to you all today.

This morning the other parts of my team had a nutritious breakfast. As I write this, I’m chowing down on pizza rolls.

And I may or may not have texted a friend with an “I just thought you should know” about it text.

And she may or may not have texted back her full support.

Yesterday morning I spent about an hour scrubbing carrots and potatoes from our farm share. (They come covered in dirt, did you know that the dirt helps them keep? Yeah, me either). I added them to a pot roast in  a crockpot and somewhere between here and there they only cooked for about 3 hours. Apparently, in my old school Victorian house one should not use the outlet that is on the came circuit as the electric fireplace and tv. There wasn’t enough juice for it all.

DINNER FAIL. Off to Friendly’s we went for burgers and ice cream.

There is a load of laundry that has been camping out in our bedroom for the better part of a week, just waiting to be folded.

There is also a pile of wayard socks that are waiting to be matched. Every time I walk by it I think, oh hey I should probably match them.

But instead, when I need a pair of socks I just grab them then.

Every time I see a pair of Toms, I think about how cute they are. And every time I try a pair on, I think about how wearing them makes me feel like a poser. How do I style them? Jeans? Capris? Can I wear them with a skirt? Sigh, so I never buy them for myself.

But, Malone has rocked a few pairs of pink sparkly ones.

Like seriously rocked them.

I have at least 3 books from the library that I won’t read before I return them. I feel like a library book hoarder. I should take them back so someone else can enjoy them.

I am so tired of this cold winter. It feels like spring will never come. But it is almost March, which means maybe there is hope?

I seriously can’t see my day to day life without the blustery wind and cold.

The word moist makes me giggle like a 13 year old girl.

Man, that was really random.

I’m 5 episodes into the first season of Bunheads and I can’t tell if I like it enough to keep going. I love the witty writing a la Gilmore Girls, but there is a lot of melancholy and not enough pep.

Bunheads needs a Luke. Seriously.

In the time it took me to write this post, I checked twitter seven times and sent 10 tweets.

Uff da.

I’m considering going to the gym today JUST so I can have a scalding hot shower. Remember that old school Victorian house I live in? Guess what? It comes with old school pipes.

And while I’m there, maybe I’ll take my yoga pants to yoga class for the first time.

What about you? What random confessions do you have to make today? Leave them in the comments below!