When it came time to decide on his 4th birthday cake, Malone had a very specific vision in his head. He wanted a rainbow sparkle keenata cake (for those of you who don’t speak preschooler, that’d be a rainbow sprinkle pinata cake). Where he got this idea, I’ll never know. But I’m pretty sure he tried to come up with the most random idea he could, just to kill me.

Pinata cake

It took me several days to figure out how to make this happen for him. I HAD to make it work in some way. I’ve got a proven track record of awesome to uphold.   For Malone’s first birthday there was a six layer rainbow cake, his second was a pink doughnut cake. For #3 I was working full time and with a heart full of gratitude said yes when a friend wanted to make him a construction site cake complete with chocolate rocks and cookie dirt. So not delivering on it wasn’t an option.

Ask, and you shall receive, buddy.

When we sliced into this puppy he was squealed with delight. His friends oohed and awed. The others mothers alternated between amazement and death glares. It was all worth it to see his face when his vision of exactly what he wanted was right before his eyes. A rainbow pinata sparkle cake  was before him.

It made me think of my own mama. Growing up, I always had a special cake that represented exactly who I was at that moment in time.  For my 5th birthday there was a pretty epic my little pony cake, by the time I was 9 I had moved on to bigger and better loves- New Kids On The Block of course (ps… STILL love them). My mother was many many things, but a baker she was not. So she outsourced the work to another mama in town. My birthday cakes were always homemade, just never by her. No big deal. Cake is cake right?

Who knows what birthday cake #5 will be. He is such a funny and creative kid that it is hard to even know what he’ll think up next!