One of the best blogging communities on this earth is Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday crew. I love Five Minute Friday because the rules don’t allow much time for me to get to brainy about my words. There are no edits, no proofreading, or rewording of sentences.

We write around a single prompt, hit publish, link up, and connect with each other in the comments.

I find my heart most often bleeds through the keyboard on Fridays. This Friday that is so true.

The prompt today is Glue.

Background: This is one of the most intimate stories I’ll ever tell. Malone’s preschool salvation story happened while we were in Florida spending time with Mike’s 93 year old grandmother before she passed away.


I had noticed all week that he had been looking very carefully at a figurine on his Grandmother’s coffee table. That figurine wasn’t your typical grandmother coffee table fluff.

It was beautiful.


It told the stories of Jesus’s last week.

Stations Of The Cross

“Mama, why is Jesus hanging on that cross?” he asked with his little eyes glued to mine.   “Why are those soldiers being mean to him?”

I had been praying for this day to come. I just didn’t think it would come when he was so little.

He’s walking the tight rope line between baby and big kid at 4.5. He understands and gets so much, but his world is still a very fragile place.

I took a deep breath and cried out to God. How do you explain something so big to someone so small?

I didn’t have a fancy video to use, a booklet, or a game.

I only had my words. And the seeds that had been sown in our home and at our church.

In the simplest language possible I told him the truth. The truth that I’ve known since I was 13 years old.

God loves us so much, Malone. That he sent his son Jesus to earth. Jesus came to earth because we do bad things that keep us from God. Jesus died on the cross so our bad things won’t keep us from God. He wants to live in our hearts and help us everyday. Jesus wants to live again in your heart. He will be with you forever, if you ask Him.

“I want that mama, I want Jesus in my heart.”

So there together, on the floor of his dying great grandmother’s living room, we prayed.