I don’t want to go back to work today. I was out of the office Friday-Tuesday to spend a long Labor Day weekend with my in laws.  I know that I’ll be coming back to an inbox with at least 200 emails to read. My assistant will have handled most crisis but I still need to read them all to keep myself in the loop of things. Monday was a holiday, but if I’ve learned anything it is that my industry rarely sleeps- especially when there is a natural disaster or two or three. I’m looking at you Isaac.

But more than that, I’m not ready to be so far away from Malone again. I have tried to savor these last few days- to really take my time and soak it all up. We had a blast at the beach. We had a blast in Meme’s back yard playing road work. And we had a blast just being near each other with no schedule driving us to rush through life.

I know he’s not ready to be away from me. This morning when he wakes up he will ask if it is a school day. And he will melt down when I say yes. Once he gets there, he’ll be fine. But getting him there this morning will require extra snuggles, extra kisses and extra I love yous. We’ll play “I’m the baby kitty and you’re the mommy kitty” – a game plays when he’s feeling a little anxious and needs to reconnect.

Thank goodness for a short week…

Did you do anything fun for Labor Day? How is back to school going at your house?

I’m linking up today with Shell at Things I Can’t Say. Thanks for giving me a space to Pour My Heart Out.