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Hey, Nancy here, a member of Team A Cookie Before Dinner. I’m excited to share with you some photos of my sister’s baby shower, and to share my love of Paperless Post! Paperless Post is a brand that I know, love and use regularly. All opinions are my own and I was compensated by Paperless Post in the form of Paperless Post coins in exchange for writing this post.

We’re a family that LOVES babies.  Between my siblings and I, there are 9 cousins and some of us haven’t had children…YET. When we found out there was a new baby coming, the baby shower planning started almost instantly, because we’re also a family that LOVES parties. Any excuse will do and a new baby is an excellent excuse.

If you’ve been to a baby shower or two, then you know that they can range from super simple to totally elaborate. My party-planning philosophy is simple. As long as you have good food and a relaxed atmosphere, the party will be a hit.  The venue you choose will set the tone for everything else. For the baby shower, we decided on a small Italian restaurant in New York’s West Village. We took over the place for a few hours, kept the food coming and the wine pouring. The great thing about an Italian restaurant is the family-style meals.You can order platters of lots of different things and put them out on the table. It also makes it easy to cater to different dietary needs all at once without having to create a special menu item.

Don’t be afraid to take over the whole space! We used part of the bar for our onesie decorating station, and another part to display some of the baby gifts. We hung up paper orbs, and placed a row of flowers in vases down the center of the tables.

We always use Paperless Post for invitations because they are such a step up from most other digital invitation options, and there are so many designs to choose from. The design we chose was simple, clean and classy. Paperless Post makes it so easy to manage your event. One really neat and useful feature was the registry option! You can do a search during the invitation design process for the registry and it will automagically find the registry and add the info to the invitation. If you have the registry URL handy, you can just enter it.  Being able to track all the invites we sent was a lifesaver. We could see who hadn’t opened the invite, and which invites bounced because we had the wrong email address. Each guest has their own personal invitation link, so if an email address is not working or it got buried in someone’s inbox, you can just grab the link and message it to your guest.

Our guests also liked being able to sign up for a text reminder! You just put in your phone number, and Paperless Post will send you a text before the event, which is perfect for those of us that are chronically calendar-challenged.

It wouldn’t be a baby shower without some kind of activity. I’ve been to baby showers where you play fun games or sign up for a delivery date betting pool.  For this baby shower, we did a onesie station.  It’s a great way to get your guests excited and keep them occupied as guests arrive or in between courses. It was also great for the kids at our party. They made tons for their new cousin, and my sister went home with one-of-a-kind party favors.

It’s always nice to give your guests a parting gift, and you can’t go wrong with chocolate. We gave out white chocolate baby carriage lollipops and little chocolate baby bottles. Simple and delicious, and really, the perfect end to this joyful and relaxed party.


All Photos by Laura Brodsky