DIY Pack & Play Reading Fort

I’ve been wanting to make Malone a reading fort for a long time. For awhile, I thought about making a teepee. But with limited space at home, I really needed something that could be folded up and put away. Then, I had a light bulb moment that I am so excited to share with you today! The materials you need to DIY a Pack & Play reading fort are as follows:

  • Pack & Play (or similar play yard with mesh side)
  • Scissors
  • Old sheet
  • “Comfy” insides (pillow, blanket, stuffed animal etc)
  • Books

Step 1. Obtain Pack & Play. Because of the retail value of these things, you might want to either look into getting one second hand or using one your child has already outgrown. Ours came from the give and take shop at my mother in law’s transfer station (aka, the dump).

Step 2. Set up the Pack & Play like you normally would, but leave the mattress out. Lay the Pack & Play on its side and carefully cut the mesh from one of the long sides, making sure to leave the nylon frame intact.

DIY Pack & Play Reading Fort 3

Step 3. Continue carefully cutting around the edges of mesh until you’ve cut out one rectangular “window.” Stand it back up and put the mattress back in.

DIY Pack & Play Reading Fort 5

Step 4. Put a sheet over the top of the Pack & Play, thereby creating your reading fort. Add a few cozy items to make the space comfy for the child. I kept it simple with a pillow pet, a favorite blanket, and a favorite stuffed animal. Include a stack of books with in easy reaching distance and invite your child in side. DIY Pack & Play Reading Fort 9

Don’t be surprised if they think this is the coolest idea ever and want to spend the afternoon here.

Reading Fort Pack & Play

Or if at some point their Pack & Play reading fort turns into a their new favorite napping spot.

Pack & Play Reading Fort

*DISCLAIMER* This is in no way shape or form a sponsored post. All ideas are my own. Use your best judgement when deciding to do this DIY. Cutting the mesh side out of a Pack & Play means that you are changing its intended purpose and therefore safety standards.