This originally appeared on my old blog, A Pocket Full Of Dinosaurs, around this time last year. Malone was 2.75 going on 3. It is one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy. This was not a sponsored post. I realize I name drop a bit here. We still love our Klean Kanteen!


Each night, Malone tends to end up in our bed sometime between midnight and 5:00 am. There is usually a one in four chance that either Mike or I will take a few kicks to the rib by his tiny little feet or he’ll show up with some random treasure from his room.

Last night was no exception. He crawled up into our bed right around 3:00 am, bringing his Klean Kanteen water bottle and wicked cough with him. He had a hard time setting into our space and was playing a really sweet game of “I want my water, here I’m done, I want it back, no take it.” This went on for a half hour or so before I realized four things.

1. The water is probably helping to sooth his throat.
2. No one was going to get any sleep if Malone stayed in bed with us.
3. His water bottle was almost empty.
4. It is cold, dark, and I do not want to get out of bed to remedy #2 or #3.

I get out anyway, realizing quality sleep is more important.

So, here we are standing next to my bed at 3:30 am. I am thinking “I am SO SMART, my water bottle is here. I can just unscrew his water bottle and pour some of my water into his bottle. This is the BEST IDEA EVER.”

Did I mention it is pitch black?

The pour goes well. I screw the cap of Malone’s Klean Kanteen on. I am even more impressed with myself. I mentally give myself a high five.

Then, I decide I should test out the Kleen Kanteen to make sure the lid is screwed on properly.

I hold out my hand and pour.


I do not realize that Malone is standing right underneath my hand.

It is still pitch black, remember?

The cap is not screwed on properly after all.

Malone is now a little wet and hysterical.


So much for not waking Michael up during this process and getting Malone to sleep in his room in a timely manner.

I try screwing the lid on (again in the dark) a few more times. Something isn’t lining up right. I need light.

I take Malone into his room and tell him I’ll be right there. I don’t want to fully wake him up (as if the water didn’t already do that!).

I go to the kitchen and stumble for the light.

Ahh.. it has two different screw sections. Who knew. One to seal the lid and one for the interchangeable tops.

Back to Malone’s room I go. The cap is tight.

He’s still mad. He’s sitting up, crying hysterically.

“Are you angry at me?”

He’s so worked up he’s short of breath. “Yyyyyyeah. I’m mmmmmmad.”

“I’m sorry buddy. I poured the water on your by mistake. It was an accident. Okay?”

“Do you want new jammies on?”

They’re not super wet. Mostly because the water hit his head.

“Nnnnnooo. I waaaaaaaant my water.”

I hand it to him and he takes a small sip. He’s calmed down a little bit.

“There is no more left, Mama.”

Oh, for Pete’s sake.

Toddler logic is going to kill me. He knows the water poured out but he didn’t see or hear me put more in when I was in the kitchen dealing with the blasted cap.

I don’t want to fight about this one. Pick your battles right?

“Okay buddy, I will go and fill it up. You stay here.”

Back to the kitchen I go, to “fill up” an already full water bottle.

I turn the faucet for a second to prove that I’m filling it.

I come back and hand it to him. He has calmed down, but asks for a tissue.

I am so smart. I anticipated this need while I was kitchen 2.75 seconds go.

I wipe his nose. I tell him I’m sorry one last time.

He reaches for my hand.

And we both fall back asleep.