Last year, these sweet angels spent the weekend together and went to the pumpkin patch at McCray’s Farm. This is my adorable nephew Andrew who is six months younger than Malone. Every time I look at this photo, I melt and my teeth hurt. It is THAT SWEET.

McCrays Farm 1 This year, they returned to McCray’s Farm to ride the wagon out to the pumpkin patch. They are FOUR and on the cusp of FOUR (Andrew will be four in December). And instead of those sweet angels, we’ve got a little sour.McCrays Farm 2 Last year, when we got out to the field at the pumpkin patch we took scenic shots of little boys sitting on pumpkins with our mountain behind them. McCrays Farm 3 This year, we took those same boys out to the same field and got this. Because they are FOUR. These are the best shots from the field. TRUST ME. Also, they are the gift that keeps on giving. And it will be given for the REST OF their lives.McCrays Farm 4 Last year, two little boys wearing coordinating pumpkin sweaters held hands in front of the pumpkin display and made sweet faces. (The sweaters are Janie & Jack if you’re wondering. They retail for around $60.00 but I’m thrifty and got them second hand.)McCrays Farm 5This year, they were too busy running laps around the display at McCray’s Farm.  I tried to get a photo of them, but they were in opposite ends in their own little crazy town world. McCrays Farm 6And you know what? I loved EVERY second of it. I love their sour faces and their spirited attitude because these pictures show who they really are at FOUR. They are full of fun, crazy ideas, and an epic sense of self. They spent the weekend fighting like brothers and loving each other like the best friends I pray they’ll always be.

Do you have a great relationship with an extended family member who lives far away? Malone and Andrew have been confused as twins in the past. Do your kids look like their cousins too?

Let me know. I adore hearing from you.