Last month’s reaction to my monthly scripture plan was overwhelming. I was really blown away by how many of you took time to meet with God through the simple act of writing scripture. I am back at it again this month, offering a March scripture writing plan.

March Scripture Writing Plan

There is noting but grace upon grace upon grace with this plan. Each day contains a section of scripture that should take you ten minutes or less to write and read through. February’s Scripture Writing Plan was all about love. And this month, for March we’re going to look into some of the parables of Jesus. I am believing and praying for you- that the Lord is going to use this time writing His word to draw you near to him. The only thing you need is a few moments, a Bible, a journal or piece of  paper and something to write with.

March Scripture Writing Plan. For a printable version of this, click through the pin. This is a great bible journaling prompt or prompt for Illustrated faith.

I’ve made this into a printable document as well. To access this March scripture writing plan, click here. It’s a pdf that you can then save and print out.

I’d love for you to print this out and use it as a tool for your quiet time for the month of March. And if it blesses you, please share it with your friends, share it on social media, print it out, whatever works best for you. If you’d like you can use the hashtag #scriptureinhand so we can find each other. If you’d like to find me on Instagram, that is where I am the most active. I’m @acookieb4dinnner there.

Finally, I would love for you to join the Scripture In Hand community on Facebook where we can discuss what we’re learning from the Lord and pray for one another. This group is small but mighty and I know you’ll love connecting there. Click here to join!