This post about what to get for the mom who has everything / Mama B’s Sweet Peas Review has been sponsored by Mama B’s Sweet Peas. All opinions are my own.

As a mom, there really aren’t too many things in this world that I want. If I had to rank them, it would go something like this….

  1. To sleep through the night, every night….without a child coming into my bed or waking up at an ungoldly hour like 5:30 am.
  2. To go to the bathroom in peace. Always.
  3. To find a bathing suit that makes me look 50 pounds skinnier. #nevergonnahappen
  4. To have a robot that cooks meals and cleans the house.
  5. To have always have pretty meaningful jewelry to wear.

Now, I realize that at some point in my life #1 and #2 will happen. And yes… I also know that when I’m a mother of teenagers, I will miss the days my kids woke me up and yelled at me from outside the bathroom door while I tried to take care of my biz. #3 could happen if I put in the hard work. But as long as cheese and ice cream are still available at the grocery store, that’s not likely to happen. #4…. well a girl can dream. But #5? That’s totally a reality.

My first encounter with Mama B’s Sweet Peas was a gift from my friend and client Dana Malstaff, founder of Boss Mom. She gifted me a lovely pair of silver earrings with two navy blue peas to represent Lola and Malone. The amount of complements I get when I wear them is insane.

Mama B's Sweet Peas Review

As you can see, they can be completely customized. Dana chose two peas and navy blue because navy blue is one of my signature brand colors. But you could do your favorite colors, the birthstones of children/spouses/friends etc. It is completely up to you!

They’ve also got bracelets and necklaces. There’s literally something for every woman…. for a mom of one to a mom of many.

But my favorite detail of all? See the pendant on the lower right hand side…the one with a smaller pea attached? That smaller attachment can be added to orders to represent loss of loved ones (miscarriage or death after life on earth). It is such a beautiful and unique way to keep all of your loved ones near your heart.

I recently gifted a mama her own Mama B’s Sweet Peas necklace… she unexpectedly lost a daughter this spring and I wanted her to have a piece of jewelry that represented her whole family in a meaningful way. I will confess that I ordered and didn’t even open the box before I gave it to her. I wanted to take a peak, but it came fully ready to gift. She was SO TOUCHED by such a thoughtful present and she told me she loves wearing it because it reminds her of her three girls.

What I really love about the products from Mama B’s Sweet Peas is that each product is handmade with love. Nothing is completely the same as the other. The craftsmanship is amazing and they’re totally a fun and unique piece of jewelry that gets noticed.

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