As as Stonyfield ambassador, this post has been sponsored and I have received product for review. All opinions are my own. 

Have you ever been paralyzed by too much of a good thing? When we go to the ice cream shop, it takes Malone at least 10 minutes to make up his mind about the flavor he wants. The endless debate of strawberry vs chocolate vs vanilla is enough to make me crazy. He always ends up getting twist, so he can have the best of both worlds.

This winter when I reflected back on what worked and what didn’t, one thing I realized was that our mornings were chaotic and left me frazzled. There were too many moving parts and I couldn’t keep up with everything.

So I made a few changes, starting with breakfast.

Monday through Friday, there are three choices in our house for breakfast. Pancakes (made over the weekend and frozen), cereal, or yogurt.

Stoneyfield 2Saturdays have been deemed doughnut day and on Sundays, we make a big breakfast (read.. pancakes) before we head out to church.


Stoneyfield 3

Stoneyfield 4

At first, I was sure that limiting breakfast choices wouldn’t work for us. I was afraid there would be an uprising among my troops. But then I remembered that my leadership within our house sets the tone. As it turns out, I didn’t have anything to be afraid of. In fact, I’ve seen Malone thrive and become more self sufficient now that he knows what is available for breakfast. There have been many mornings when he’s just straight up helped himself to his own breakfast.

Within our three breakfast choices, there is a bit of variety- we’ve always got a few flavors of yogurt available and at least two choices for cereal. Stonyfield has recently debuted three new products that we’ve added into our rotation. We like them all for different reasons.

Stoneyfield 1


Greek & Chia, OP Smoothies, and Oh My Yog! are all new! Smoothie obsessed Malone can’t get enough of them and Mike has been drinking them after his weight lifting sessions. Both Lola and I love Oh My Yog!, it is so smooth, creamy, and full of flavor. Best of all, it tastes like the way fruity yogurt should- like fruit instead of chemicals! Greek & Chia is Mike’s favorite. The chia seeds are fun and provide another level of texture to the yogurt.

As as Stonyfield ambassador, this post has been sponsored and I have received product for review. But, I was limiting the breakfast choices of my family and feeding them Stonyfield products long before this arrangement happened.