Here in Western MA,  Halloween celebrations start about two weeks before the big day. I think this is nice, it gives families a chance to really savor the festivities. This year my crew marched in a Halloween parade through town, went to a Halloween party at the fire station, trick or treated in downtown Northampton, and trick or treated in our neighborhood.

Most of the Halloween candy came from our neighborhood. Our neighbors are super generous and gave HANDFULLS of fun size bars. We also got three full size bars, which is something I never got as a kid. In total we ended up with over five pounds of candy. We will be eating a piece of candy a day until next Halloween if we don’t come up with some other ideas on what to do with our leftover Halloween candy.

leftover Halloween candy

Sell it.  Many dentists are participating in a buy back program.  Your child can take his or her candy to a participating dentist and they’ll pay per pound. The candy they collect is getting sent to the troops overseas. Click here for more information. 

Send it to the troops! You can donate it to the troops via Operation Gratitude. Learn more about Operation Gratitude here. 

Donate your leftover Halloween candy. Many homeless shelters, crisis relief centers, and food pantries take candy donations. If you’ve got excess, why not share some with someone in need?

Leave goodie bags for your mailman, garbage collector, meter reader, or recycling worker. I’m sure they’d be stoked to have a little treat in the middle of their work day.

Take your leftover Halloween candy to the office. My husband’s coworkers devour just about anything I send in. I think a bowl full of chocolates left in the break room would be a huge hit.

Bake with it.  This Snickers cookie  idea looks amazing, but I’d probably add them to homemade sugar cookie dough instead of buying premade. You could also chop bits of candy and use them in place of chocolate chips in cookies, add them to brownies,  or to top a cake. The options are endless really.

Save your leftover Halloween candy. Chopped candy will also freeze well. Freeze it in 1 cup increments for maximized baking. See above for uses. Or hide some for a movie night at home later on this fall/winter.

Save it to celebrate the December holidays with. Use some of your leftover Halloween candy in your Advent countdown, Hanukkah nights,  to decorate holiday cookies, or to decorate a gingerbread house. Why buy what you’ve already got?

Try some Halloween candy science! Kid’s Heath is full of candy experiment ideas. We are going to try the Skittles Density Rainbow.

Share it. Do you know of someone who has a child with a food allergy? It is likely that the child got a ton of candy they can’t enjoy. Give them the candy from your stash that you know they CAN enjoy.

Celebrate with it! Hosting a party soon? Sneak away some of your leftover Halloween candy now and use it to stuff a pinata!

What are you doing with your leftover Halloween candy? What was the first piece you snatched from your kids? Sadly, Malone didn’t get any 1000 Grands, but I settled for a Kit Kat.