Next in our summer freebie series is information on Kids Skate Free Massachusetts! I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for great ways to keep the kids active during the summer months. We hit a lot of playgrounds and do a lot of hiking, but it seems like my tribe needs more than just that some days! Kids skate free Massachusetts is going to be a GREAT way for us to keep the screen time to a minimum this summer.

Skating is so great for kids. It’s a really clever way to get the kids moving and having fun at the same time. My favorite benefit? It helps my kids learn balance and muscle control. And, it’s something that they’re not great at when they first start… it teaches them perseverance! Roller skating has been tricky for Malone (age 7) because he has low muscle tone, but most roller rinks have walkers that can be rented for an additional fee. Lola (age 3) hasn’t been yet, but is dying to go after seeing the roller skating Minnie Mouse commercials a few times. So team A Cookie Before Dinner is definitely signing up for this program!

There aren’t too many kids skate free Massachusetts locations, but lucky for us here in Western MA, we’ve got two! Both Interskate 91 locations are participating in this program! Each rink has it’s own set of rules and regulations with this program, but most offer free admission when you join the Kids Skate Free program. You’ll still have to rent your roller skates or inline skates. Make sure to check the rink you’re going to so that you’ve got all of the details on this amazing offer.

Kids Skate Free Massachusetts Locations

Kids Skate Free Massachusetts. Looking for free summer ideas for kids? How about skating?

Interskate 91 North
367 Russell St
(413) 586-8344

Fun America
90 Duval Rd
(978) 537-4010

Forrest’s Family Fun Center
1 Lawton Ave

Interskate 91 South
2043 Boston Rd
(413) 543-3991

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