Happy Friday friends! The one you reach for the most is the most useful you own. I remember when Zach Morris first carried a cell phone on Saved By The Bell. Who would have thought that decades later we’d all be carrying phones that were much more capable than just talking with!

We went to the beach house (aka MIL’s house) where it rained for three days straight. I had to do a lot of re shifting since my expectation wasn’t my reality, but our time well spent making cookies and relaxing.


I wish I had another one of these right now! An honest to goodness New York style bagel complete with lox and an inch of cream cheese. My arteries are glad this bagel shop is a three hour drive away from us. Nom nom. IMG_3041

On day #3 of rain, I started to get a little bored. Who knew playing with food could be so fun. And bonus, Malone was over the moon about eating someone’s face for lunch (weird0)..IMG_3044

Oh how this kid of mine marches to the beat of his own drum. Bow tie. check. Rainbow leg warmers. check. His first time on the bike, Malone smoked his dad who was walking along behind him on the bike path. Two miles later, daddy wished he had on his running shoes instead of his flip flops. Malone is very proud of this bike because he negotiated the price for it at a tag sale. “How about five dollars? I’d like to keep it at Meme’s house (aka grandma).” It works well for us, not to have to lug a bike down and back every time we go.


Sun! Glory to the highest! On the day we were supposed to leave, it finally made an appearance and we had the most perfect beach day ever. Malone tried to tell me that the water wasn’t freezing. But I knew that was a straight up lie. He spent time running down to the water, kicking and playing until he’s teeth started to chatter and his lips turned blue. IMG_3056

And then he passed out. He’s not a great sleeper, except when he’s at the beach. I’ve got pictures of him sleeping here from every summer of his life thus far. IMG_3058

While Malone was busy sleeping, my hunk put on his wetsuit and went for a swim. He’d like to do a triathlon but needs to practice swimming in open water more. IMG_3060

Do you know what happens to little boys who wake up their daddies too early on vacation? This. Which Malone thought was hysterical. (Don’t worry, Mike didn’t toss him in head first into shallow water. He just swung him around a bit).IMG_3065

What was your favorite picture from your phone last week?

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