I’m back feeling super refreshed after a week away from this space. Just as I had hoped, my time was fruitful. I learned a bit about myself and a lot about just how wasteful I can be with time. Stay tuned for more on that in a separate post.  In the mean time, let me take you on a walk through our week via the lens of my iPhone. If you want a daily update, follow me on Instagram at acb4d.

Malone went through a pretty major growth spurt last week. He never naps these days, but spent a lot of time last week in his makeshift “kitty house” sleeping with his army of stuffed cats. He ended up losing about a pound, but is noticeably an inch or two taller.


The king of the rainbows got a new bow tie, which in a lot of ways has made my life a lot easier. Bow ties don’t have to be washed every time they are worn. Which is awesome, since this thing gets worn a lot.


For real. It is asked for just about everyday.


You thought I was lying.


But I’m not. Almost everyday the rainbow bow tie was worn this past week. This was at the bus stop. I realized this week that the bus stops almost right in front of our house. Malone was so excited about the idea of riding a bus he brought along his flag too. He marches to the beat of his own drum. Love him.


This is one of my favorite places in the world. And lucky for me, it is just a few miles away. There are two paths, a 4 mile loop and a mile loop. Mike ran the 4 mile loop while Malone and I explored the smaller path.


Hello natural playground. The light in this one is swoon worthy.

IMG_2749 And this one, it’s a framer.


Our farmers market has reopened again for the 2013 season after a long cold winter. I don’t know what I was more excited about- the shaved ice or these freshly laid eggs. They are almost too pretty to eat.


My dearest friend is a professional photographer. Our afternoon date turned into a photo shoot. We are continually blessed by him.


Malone painted a picture of our house. What a pretty lens into how he thinks of the space we’ve provided him to live. There are so many times when I’m frustrated with our house’s layout or its lack of storage. But seeing this reminds me that we must be doing something right.


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