My self hosted WordPress blog has been  broken for the better part of a week thanks to a faulty plug in and a techie who solved the problem by basically uninstalling all of my goodies. It took a bit of time for my software engineer husband (who thank goodness WANTS to be involved and learn all of the back end mumbo jumbo) and I to figure out how to get things back to normal(ish).

There was a little frustration on both ends- mostly mine. I lost a whole week of writing in this tiny little space of mine. My husband’s frustration came from him trying to learn a new skill. He asked me a lot of questions of how things work. Truth be told, I didn’t really know how they worked beyond the pretty front end framework that wordpress gives. So, when I answered “um…magic?” that wasn’t good enough. Eventually he found his way around my server’s back end and was able to help me out a ton.

The good news is that we’re back up and running. The load time should be A LOT faster. The bad news is that I am still trying to figure out a few of the kinks and I don’t LOVE the new layout like I loved the old one. The differences are slight, but enough for me.

I’m looking forward to having my space again.

And for those of you wondering what happened, let me explain them to you as best as I can. I am NOT a computer anything. I’m a writer so I’ll do the best I can.  I installed a plugin that caused my site to load slowly or not at all. The helpdesk guy at my server was able to see that it was a plug in, but couldn’t tell which one it was. So, he renamed the entire plugin directory which enabled my site to load but left me with a plugin faulty path. I wasn’t able to restore any of my plugins or add new ones. My husband was able to make a new path on the back end of things. I reinstalled things. BAM. Done.

Learn from my mistake. Back up your blog often, mkay?