Hello Friends! I’m sorry for the silence, Christmas was  a whirlwind and we took a road trip to Illinois to spend time with my grandparents, dad and step mom, and extended family. I was too busy being in the moment to blog! Trip rewind and photos to come, promise.

I’m linking with Lisa Leonard for a few hellos. I love this linky!

Hello post vacation blues! My husband returned to work this morning and Malone and I are left trying to scrape together a routine. Two weeks of family time was awesome but it blew all routine out the window. There was a point when Malone was going to bed at 10:00 pm! Too late buddy! I’ve decided that we’re done with naps in hopes that we can leverage that into a normal bedtime.

Hello laundry. I hate you. But I need clean undies. At last count there were 8 loads. Feel free to send the laundry fairy over anytime!

Hello 2013! I’m still working on my goals for this new year. I have a few ideas but I want some time alone with a notebook and pen to flesh them out. I think I might get sometime this week. Don’t worry, I’ll share them with you when I do. Last year my friend Nancy told me that my goals inspired her to focus on hers. She’s already got hers up!

Hello 7 weeks! If we are real life Facebook fiends then you’ve heard the news. If not, we are having a baby in late August! 2013 seems to be the year of the baby! 3 of my girlfriends are due in March, a few of our other friends are having babies later on this year, and one of my favorite bloggers, Diana Stone, is due two days after I am.

How about a pregnancy update?

Energy Level: Low.. I forgot how tiring early pregnancy is. Thankfully, while Mike was home these past few weeks I got a nap in every day.

What I’m Eating: Not much… I’m sick first thing in the morning and the nausea stays until lunch time. It makes wanting food really hard. I really wanted Raman noodles the other day but opted for a huge salad instead.

What I’m Struggling With: Worry. At the end of my pregnancy with Malone I was borderline pre eclamptic. I was on modified bed rest. It wasn’t fun. I’ll do anything I can to prevent that from happening again.

What I’m Loving: We really surprised our families when we told them. And we caught it on tape. I’ll share it with you all later this week.

The baby is the size of a blueberry, but I’m already busting out the maternity pants. I’ve got a little bump already. Who knew that this could happen so early?

What are you saying hello to this week?