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When I polled a bunch of moms recently, over 60% of them said they hated grocery shopping with a toddler in tow. FYI- this was totally a scientific poll… aka a topic of conversation with a few mom friends while we were out on a kid free dinner. I totally get it- it can be so hard to manage the big emotions of a little one when you’re on stage front and center at the grocery store (has anyone else ever noticed how many judgey people seem to shop there?). Over the course of my years as a mother, I have changed my tune about grocery shopping with my kids- I used to go alone and think of it as a vacation. But these days? Grocery shopping with my kids is hands down one of my favorite activities to do with them.

The key, is to set yourself up for success. Follow these tips, and you’ll be a pro in no time!

Grocery Shopping With A Toddler: Sanity Saving Secrets Of Success

Grocery Shopping With A Toddler doesn't have to be stressful. Rock the aisle with these tips!

1. Timing is everything. You’ll be the most successful at grocery shopping with a toddler if they’re basic needs are met- make sure to hit the store when they’re not too tired!

2. Get them involved! A grocery store is a great place for your toddler to help you! Lola still willingly rides in a carriage, but that doesn’t mean she can’t help! She loves to pick fruit and repeat our order at the deli (in hopes of getting a slice of cheese).

toddler at grocery store

3. Be organized and head into the store with a plan. Lola has about a 30 minute patience limit with most things, including riding in a carriage in the store. I don’t have time to wander the aisle and decide what to make for dinner. I go in there with a list and get the job done!

4. Use technology in case of emergency only. The grocery store is a great place for toddlers to engage with their world instead of staring at a screen. You can count pears as you put them in your bag or talk about the colors of flowers. One of my favorite toddler grocery store games is find the letter! Pick a letter to “hunt” for before you go in the store and point it out every time you see it! 

5. Give them a little something along the way. We love Sprout® Organic Toddler Purees. Our first stop is always to buy one for Lola to snack on as we shop.

Lola and Sprout

I’ve found that if she’s got a little something to snack on, it keeps her from misbehaving. She’s typically pretty charming and spends most of her time at the grocery store saying to the older men in the store by yelling “HI! PAPA! HI GRAMPY!”

When she’s not busy yelling at strangers, she’s likes to find the babies and yell at them to see if they’re hungry. “Are you hungree baby??!! Each ‘yor boddle baby!” It’s pretty adorable.

Her people loving personality is best nourished with real.honest.pure ingredients, like the ones found in  Sprout® Organic Toddler Purees. Did you know they’re USDA certified organic, non GMO, and the only baby/toddler food brand with no additives, fillers or flavors in any of its recipes?

What other tips for grocery shopping with a toddler do you have for me? I’d love to hear them, use the widget below!