Where can I find gluten free bagels on Cape Cod?

We love traveling to Cape Cod- my mother in law lives in Brewster and we head to her house several times a year- especially in the summer.

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Since we travel so often to Cape Cod, a lot of our friends ask us for advice and recommendations. One of the things I’ve been asked over and over is where you can find gluten free bagels on Cape Cod.

As of recently, I haven’t had any advice to give them other than B.Y.O.B.- bring your own bagels… haha.

But this weekend, I was pleasantly surprised to find these gluten free Udis bagels at our favorite bagel shop, JoMama’s (Brewster location)!

Looking to find gluten free bagels on Cape Cod? JoMama's has them!

JoMama’s has threee locations, Brewster, Orleans, and Chatham (opening May 2015). This is not a sponsored post or review- I have received no compensation for this.  I just wanted to pass this information along since I know so many people will find it useful!

If you're looking for gluten free bagels on Cape Cod, you can find them at JoMamas!

In addition to JoMama’s having gluten free bagels on Cape Cod, they’ve also got a large variety of traditional bagels, breakfast burritos, and sandwiches. When expressed my excitement over the gluten free bagels, the counter work told me they also have gluten free bread for sandwiches and often have gluten free muffins!

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Their menu is awesome- my favorite thing to order is an everything bagel (full of gluten) with veggie cream cheese.

gluten free bagels on Cape Cod JoMama's Menu

JoMama’s is in Brewster and Orleans on Rt. 6A and in Chatham on Main Street. For exact directions and phone numbers, please visit their website.

Gluten free and traveling to Cape Cod? I've found gluten free bagels at a local bagel shop!