This post has been sponsored by GlassesUSA. They have provided me with compensation for writing this story today, however all opinions are my own.

When I was in second grade, I suffered from massive headaches. These headaches were so crippling that I spent more time in the nurse’s office than I did in class.

“Maybe she’s bored in class.”

“Maybe she’s sick.”

“Maybe it’s cancer.”

“Maybe she needs more sleep.”

No one could figure out what was wrong. This went on for a few weeks before anyone thought about my eyes. The mystery was solved.

I needed eyeglasses.

I’ve mentioned it in the past, but I am a motherless daughter. As time goes on, the memories of her are slowly fading away. But I will never forget the first time she took me to buy glasses.

We went to a kid friendly place with a lot of different options for glasses. I remember standing there looking at the different frames, carefully debating the merits of purple versus pink frames. She stood back and let me pick. It was the first time I had complete control over something I wore. Before then, we always picked together with her opinion overruling mine if we disagreed.

I settled on a pair with pink frame for my first pair of glasses. I wore them until fifth grade when I begged my mom for something less babyish.

My prescription is very weak. In fact, most days I go without wearing my glasses because my children love to rip them off of my face.

I’ve always wanted to order eyeglasses online, but I’ve been intimidated by the idea of it.

How would I be able to figure out what shape looked right one me?

GlassesUSA has solved that problem by creating a virtual mirror. It is really simple to use. Upload a photo of yourself and “try on” a pair of glasses.

You can also do this directly at their website and try on several pairs at once. I think when it is time to order, I’m going to get first pair in the second row.

glasses usa2

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If you wear glasses, what do you remember about getting your first pair?