Disclosure: The Bouqs provided me with the roses used the blog post called On Roses And Flowers In Vintage Bottles (affiliate links are present as well). I choose the Hot Lava bouquet. The roses were very vibrant, beautiful, and still going strong almost three weeks from their delivery date. My rose delivery was delayed a day because of an issue on Fed Ex’s end. I was glad in a way, because I got to experience The Bouqs customer service first hand and I am pleased as punch to tell you it is TOP NOTCH. As with any floral company, there are tons of bouquets to choose from. What sets The Bouqs apart is their customer service, quality, and ability to schedule floral deliveries well in advance. Use their scheduling service and never miss a birthday or anniversary again! 

My childhood memories are full of roses. My grandma Rosie (I know.. right) sent me home with a rose from her bushes every time I visited her in the summer.

“Let’s cut a rose for you to take home,” she’d often say before I left on my bike to head back to my house.

Flower Arrangement In Vintage Soda Bottle

It was fifty shades of awkward to travel on a bike with a rose on account of the thorns and all jazz, but I never said no. That poor rose often ended up between my teeth because I was eight and thought it was cool. And because thorns + bike riding = no bueno.

I knew it was a piece of her going home with me. And even as a little girl, I knew how special roses were.

(Before you freak out about an eight year old riding her bike home across town alone, you should know that I grew up in a storybook small town. Where everyone knows your name. Literally. Everyone knows everyone. Even if you don’t know them, they know you because they went to high school with your grandmother. And also east to west my hometown is approximately 14 blocks. #smalltownUSA.)

I couldn’t never be bothered to put my rose in a vase. The ones we had always seemed too big for just one rose.

My vessel of choice? A vintage soda bottle used as a vase.

Flowers In Vintage BottlesMy grandma JoDee also has a love affair with roses. But for her, they serve as memory keepers. In the corner of her dining room she’s got a few dried in a vase. Tokens of birthdays, special events, and remembered of loved one’s funerals.

She’s got another dried bouquet in her bedroom and few more behind glass here and there.

She loves her roses in a different way. She can’t bear to part with the place holders of the departed.

Loving roses is nestled very deep in the core of who I am. I play it off like I don’t love them, but deep down I do.

I’m pretty sure it is genetic.

My birthday rolled around a few weeks ago and I was thrilled when The Bouqs asked if they could send me a bouquet of flowers. My husband was also thrilled because I told him he could pick out the arrangement.

I got flowers for my birthday from my husband. It was a win for everyone.

Flowers in Vintage Bottle Floral Arrangment

I love flowers in vintage bottles because you can bunch them up all together, play with shapes, or separate them and sprinkle them throughout my home. I am not a home decor queen. Using vintage bottles as vases falls into home decor 101. That? I can do.

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Flowers in vintage bottles.