The weekend is almost here! My friend Christie who writes at Letters From The Nest often does a Five Things For Your Tuesday post. I’m snatching her idea today to bring you Five Things For Your Friday. These are all typically things I’d share on Facebook, but I’ve decided to bundle them into a blog post instead.

Five Things Friday

1. Shut Up Taylor Swift!

Have you guys seen this video? I am not typically a Taylor Swift lover, but this video is amazeballs. I love that she’s not taking herself too seriously. I will likely watch this at least ten more times today.

2. I would love it if you’d sign up for The Extra Shot.

I’m starting a weeklyish newsletter and I’d love to chat with you there. The content is going to be different than what I’m posting here- it will be more intimate and it is exclusive to my newsletter subscribers. I’ll be sharing everything I’d likely tell you if we went out to coffee. See that cute little bar at the top of my page? That is where you’ll put in your information.

3. This post has challenged me to think about my white privilege, especially as it relates to my beautiful blue eyed blonde haired Malone.

Dear White Mom by Keesha Beckford for Bon Bon Break is absolutely heartbreaking and challenging in all of the best ways. I don’t typically share or comment on current events, but I can’t let this one slip through my hands.

“Remember, I’m writing you as a dear friend, because I can’t believe you’re not on my side. After a lifetime together I won’t believe it. It’s why I love you. I know you’re on my side, with all those posts about how I don’t have to worry about “my blond haired blue eyed son” being shot by the police. I get it, you’re not boasting, just stating the sad facts, that you understand on the deepest level that your white privilege means your motherhood is different from mine.

I love you for this but it’s not enough.

Please please please go read the full post. 

4. This video is super fun.

5. Speaking of school, Malone off to Kindergarten in just a few weeks.

I know a lot of mother’s are very sad about sending their first born (or any born really) off. I’m not, well at least not yet. He’s going to have a special year in the gifted program at the preschool he was at last year. It is a new program that doesn’t have classroom space in one of our town’s elementary schools yet. I LOVE that I get to keep him in a little bubble for another year before sending him off to the big scary school world.

There you have it! Five things for your Friday! Are you up to anything fun? Lola turned one yesterday and on Saturday the kids are having a joint birthday party. Malone’s birthday was in June, but we spent most of the month traveling.