I can’t think about the word Mercy without thinking of the word Grace. And these days, I can’t think about the word Grace without thinking about the word Coffee.  And I can’t think of coffee without thinking about the word Faith.

I’m in the thick of these newborn days again.

And I’m running on Grace, Coffee, Faith, and Mercy.

It’s about all I got. I’m otherwise empty.

I’m giving myself and my family extra grace these days. We are all adjusting to life as a family of four. There are times when we are snippy, impatient, and stretched threadbare. I’ve asked for a lot of it too.

I’ve asked for mercy and forgiveness more in these last few weeks than I think I have ever before. I’ve also given it. It’s amazing what happens when you stop and say you’re sorry.

And Faith. Oh my Faith. Stronger than ever. My God is big and full of mercy. My prayers are heard. And sometimes answered. And sometimes not. But in any case, I’m keeping watch over so many of you as I whisper prayers during these long hard nighttime nursing sessions. I’m whispering the verses written in my heart. The ones I tucked away long ago for this season.

And blessed coffee. You complete me.

My God is BIG. & My Coffee is STRONG.

My God Is

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