{Guest Post} Apple Pie Muffins

I can’t think about fall without thinking about apples.

I live in New England, where apple orchards are abundant. Thanks to very little late spring frosts, an early summer full of rain and a relatively dry summer into fall, the apples here in Massachusetts have been out of this world both in quality and  quantity this year.

A lot of my friends have been apple picking and putting up applesauce and apple pie filling, which is fun but time consuming. I have a preschooler and an eight week old at home, so time isn’t something I have a lot of these days. We’re not going to make it apple picking this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the tastes of the season.

I was goofing around with an old recipe the other day, and my hacks yielded a muffin that tastes a bit like apple pie. Or perhaps if apple pie married a cake. In any case, give these muffins a try and decide what you think.

Apple Pie Muffin

Today I’m guest posting at Mishmash Mama. Click here to be taken to the rest of this post which includes the recipe. 

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