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When I got married, the number one thing I was most stressed about was creating the perfect bathroom basket for my guests. Pinterest wasn’t born yet, but the idea was all the rage on the message boards I hung out on. The idea was simple….in the bathroom of the reception venue you provided a basket full of products your guests might need while they’re at your party. Things like hair spray and clear nail polish in case someone got a run in their nylons, antacid, and breath minds were all part of my wedding reception bathroom basket.

Fast forward almost a decade and I’ve got bathroom baskets on my mind again. There are few things that give me more life than having people in my home. The art of hospitality is something I am still perfecting. Every other week, we welcome a large group into our home. It depends on the week and what people have going on, but the crew ranges around 15.

Our home is the kind of house that gets lived in. I’ve got a two year old and a seven year old who love to drag out every toy they own to play with at the same time and two cats who really love to leave their fur everywhere. Prep day can get really stressful. But along the way one of the things I’ve learned is the key to keeping my stress level low is to create systems that work.

Here are my secrets. 

Always keep a few extra snacks on hand. Every time I go to the grocery store, I buy an extra brick of cheese, a package of flat pretzels, and a 12 pack of water. Having these on  hand have saved me time and time again.

Don’t drive yourself crazy trying to clean every inch of your home. Remember, your guests are there to see you, not your perfectly clean house.

Always have a steady supply of bath tissue. SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue from  BJ’s Wholesale is my go to. Each roll has 100 extra sheets! What will I do with 100 more sheets? Not worry about my guests no having everything they need when they visit my home!

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Pull together a bathroom basket that you can easily pull out when guests come over. This is one  of my favorite hostess hacks of all. Our bathroom basket can be pulled out in a second’s notice from the linen closet before guests arrive. It has just a few things in it, but each item is something I’ve needed when I was a guest in someone else’s home.

How To Make A Bathroom Basket

Take the stress out of hosting people in your home with this easy hostess hack! Create a bathroom basket full of things your guests might need!

Brainstorm about the supplies you want to provide for your guests.

Easy Bathroom Hostess Basket 1

Gather the supplies. The one thing I knew I wanted to have a lot of was bath tissue. I also got lotion, hand sanitize, baby wipes, feminine hygiene products, and floss. These are all the essentials if you ask me!

Easy Bathroom Hostess Basket Supplies

Begin building your basket. I started mine by putting the SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue in first. This bath tissue is a great combination value and performance.

Easy Bathroom Hostess Basket 3

Next, I put in the hand lotion and wipes. My skin is super dry and I love to put a dab on after I wash my hands. If I feel this way, then chances are likely my guests might too. And really you can never go wrong with baby wipes… from rubbing a stain out of a shirt to wiping a baby bum, there are a ton of great reasons to keep them around!

Easy Bathroom Hostess Basket 5

Next, I added in an assortment of feminine hygiene products and hand santizer. I’ve been caught off guard before, and it is never pleasant. I want my guests to be comfortable in my home, so the option of hand sanitzer instead of soap and water to wash hands with is nice.

Easy Bathroom Hostess Basket 6

No bathroom basket is complete without floss! Especially if you host back yard barbques where you serve corn on the cob! I stuck an extra roll of  SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue in the basket to round out the space and because  you can never have too many rolls. With  SCOTT® 1100 there are an extra 100 sheets per roll (which comes out to three extra rolls per pack)!

Easy Bathroom Hostess Basket 7

The last step was to put this beauty in the bathroom!

Easy Bathroom Hostess Basket 9

I picked up our SCOTT® 1100 Bath Tissue at BJ’s Wholesale. America’s longest lasting roll has a price point of $23.32.

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