Since having Lola and Malone, it has been easy to dream about their future. Their personalities are strong and it is easy to see a glimpse into the grown up they’ll be.


Malone will be a quiet leader who will stand up for what is best, even when that goes against what popular opinion says. He wears justice on his sleeve and really finds the bright side in situations. This weekend, I had to cancel our trip to the zoo, a trip he’d been really looking forward to for a long time. I was sick and couldn’t take them. Instead of pitching a fit, he simply said, “well look on the bright side mom, you can rest while I play Minecraft.” He’s a steady out of the box thinker. He’ll be happy working in a position like my husband has, where he can tinker and problem solve.


Lola will be a swim against the current type who won’t be satisfied with a no if she thinks the answer should be yes. She’s creative and a nurturer. She loves to help serve and feels most like who she is called to be when she can take care of others. She’s asks to help me make lunches, set the table, fold the laundry and sweep. If she isn’t helping me, she’s taking care of her babies. She’s loud and loves to feel like she’s part of a team. She’s only three, but I can already see that she’ll be happy in a position like teaching or nursing.

Maybe I’ll be completely wrong with the two of them…. maybe I won’t. Either way, their dreams are theirs to achieve and compared to a lot of other children, their dreams will be easier to achieve because they’ve got access to education, clean water and don’t have to worry about child marriage. In other parts of the world, these basic needs are not as easily obtained.

Meet Moni, a fourth grader has excelled in school for the several years. She usually wakes up each morning at 6 a.m. before heading off to school “I like my school because my teachers like me, take care of me and always inspire me to study,” she says.

moni_3I like school because… Teachers take care of me.

To be successful I will… Study rightly.

My biggest challenges… Getting financial support from parents.

Education inspires me to… Take care of my parents.

Moni wants to be successful in life, and in order to do so, she says she will study accordingly. She is confident that if she does not encounter any financial crisis, she will reach her goal. After school Moni returns home to help her mother with the evening chores, including fetching water for cooking and drinking. When she finishes her chores, she studies until 9 p.m., then eats dinner and goes to bed. She says education inspires her to take care of her family. “I just want to look after my parents since I have been watching them suffer since my early years of school,” she says. “If I get a job, I will take care of them.”



Just like I dream for Lola and Malone, I dream for Moni. I dream that she has access to clean water and a safe place to call home. I dream that she gets the financial support she needs from her parents and that she has grown ups in her life that love her. And most of all, I dream that she grows into a successful woman who gets to become the person she dreams to be. This is easier said than done. But thankfully, organizations like CARE in place to help.

CARE is a global humanitarian organization that fights poverty by empowering girls and women. They work hard to cut poverty off at the roots by providing sustainable tools for long lasting change. There are several cool ways you can become involved with CARE including sending letters of hope, financial support and asking Congress to support change by signing petitions.

Take action: Sign a letter of encouragement and write your own message of support to students in developing countries.