One of the things I love being a blogger is getting the opportunity to partner with companies who are giving back and making a difference in the lives of others. Today’s post has been brought to you by P&G.

Meet Matthew, a six year old Massachusetts kid. He was a born a micro-preemie with Necrotizing Enterocolitis and Stage 2 Kidney Disease.

matthewThe scars on Matthew’s torso tell stories of many medical procedures, but he doesn’t remember any of them. He knows he was born tiny, weighing slightly more than a pound, and that his twin brother went straight to heaven. When kids ask about the marks he takes it in stride, simply telling them his kidneys were very sick when he was born and are still recovering.

Most micro-preemies face developmental delays, but Matthew is lucky. He has advanced verbal skills, is reading way above grade level and stays busy writing musicals for his friends to perform.

Matthew and his family are eternally grateful for the expert medical care they continue to receive at Boston Children’s Hospital. During those first few weeks, his moms remember being inspired by other families facing daily challenges with grace. They often say, “If you want to forget your own troubles, go have lunch at the cafeteria of a children’s hospital.

Matthew received his care at Boston Children’s Hospital. Boston Children’s Hospital is part of the Children’s Miracle Network.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is an international non-profit organization that raises funds for children’s hospitals, medical research and community awareness of children’s health issues.

  • Your support helps provide 32 million patient visits for 10 million kids every year
  • One in 10 kids in North America is treated by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals each year
  • Every day, member hospitals treat 16,000 children in emergency rooms
  • Every hour, member hospitals provide surgery for 97 children
  • U.S. members hospitals provided $3.4 billion in charity care in 2012

childrensThe Children’s Miracle Network has partnered Walmart and some of your favorite baby brands who will donate a portion of their profits to the network.  Together, Walmart and P & G will donate $200,000 to Children’s Miracle Network in June 2015. 

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