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Weekend Links – April 13 2013 Edition

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The “two week” cold is making the rounds through our house. It’s not fun at all, and pretty much took me out of commission this past week. Nothing got done except hanging out with Malone. We ate a lot of quick easy meals and my sweet husband picked up the housework slack. I did, however spend a great deal of time reading. Here are some of my favorites from the week.

Parenting A Boy, Not A Herd.   This week on Simple Mom (ps, one of my favorite blogs EVER), Shaun Groves shares how taking his son on a one on one trip changed their relationship. Now that 2.0 is on it’s way, connecting with my children as individuals is on my mind. Oh yeah, it’s THAT Shaun Groves… the amazing musician and humanitarian who brings a face to the children of Compassion International.

Between McDonalds and Burts Bees… {or, Grace, and Giving Up.} Molly from All The Grace Between shared a chaotic photo of her kitchen “mess” and told the story of why the items that make that mess are so important to her. Her post really resonated with me- I HATE CLUTTER, yet my house is full of it everywhere. She reminded me to pause, see those little pieces, remember the beauty of the chaos, and give myself a little grace. Additionally both her and her husband are in the military and have been deployed at the same time. Her writing is raw, beautiful, and inspiring. Read her blog- I think it is my new favorite.

Typical Erin is a blog by real life friend Erin. I don’t have one specific post to link to from her, but if you need a laugh please go read her. She’s got an amazing way to share her story as a single mom striving to have it all- balance, a career, and motherhood. From time to time she may or may night drop an f-bomb. Read anyway. Okay, so I lied. This post about her daughter’s birthday cake is hysterical. 

Happy weekend friends!

Weekend Links

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I miss you. Jackie from With Just A Little Bit Of Magic shares a beautiful story about being a mama while missing her own.

Clean Chicken Taco Dinner. Evie from Home-Belly-Spirit Cleaning has a really tasty looking “clean” recipe for chicken tacos that includes homemade taco seasoning.

Project Simplify 2013. Tsh (pronounced Tish) from Simple Mom has a 4 week spring cleaning hotspot challenge. She’s laid out 4 projects for the month of April. Take a before photo, take an after photo, and join in the fun! I know I will be.

What I Learned By Failing As An Attachment Parent. Jessica from School Of Smock shared what she thought her parenting would look like and how it actually went.

Photo Credit- Paul Specht, a dear friend of mine. Find him on Facebook and Instagram.