How We Can Stop Child Grooms

Pranav (real name witheld due to age), 16 years old, is a child groom. CARE USA representatives have come to the area to view the progress of the Tipping Point Program, meant to combat child marriage in the districts of Kapilbastu and Rupandehi of Nepal near the Indian border.

Life is busy for me- but we can all say that right? One of my big goals for 2015 is to take more time to find causes that really tug at my heart strings and lend my voice to them. As it turns out, international children’s issues sets my heart on fire. I have spent […]

31 Intentional Acts Of Kindness

intentional acts of kindness

For awhile on Twitter, I was posting an intentional act of kindness someone could do everyday. These were simple and small ideas- nothing extravagant or extra fancy. They didn’t require crafting or a special trip to the store. They were simply things someone could do to make the world a better place for those around […]

2013 Word Of The Year

Word Of The Year

I first heard of picking your 2013 word of the year was right around New Years. Convenient right? So many blogs I read picked one. All of theirs seemed like great ones- Thrive, Rest, Play. You get the idea. Picking a whole word to focus on as my word of the year seemed daunting. I […]