Friendship Strong And True

Friendship Strong And True

One of my favorite songs  in the entire world is Sunrays And Saturdays by Vertical Horizon. It is about a couple breaking up and wishing the best of life for each other. I wish you… Sunrays and SaturdaysPerfect starry nightsSweet dreams and moonbeamsAnd a love that’s warm and brightSunrays and SaturdaysFriendship strong and trueOceans of […]

Preschool Salvation Story

Stations Of The Cross

One of the best blogging communities on this earth is Lisa Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday crew. I love Five Minute Friday because the rules don’t allow much time for me to get to brainy about my words. There are no edits, no proofreading, or rewording of sentences. We write around a single prompt, hit […]

Love is a Verb

Flash Mob1

I’ve been a part of Lisa Jo’s Five Minute Friday Community for almost as long as I’ve had this blog. Some of my favorite posts of all time have been scratched out with her prompts. I am thrilled to be partnering with her for this project. Yesterday, I told you that there was going to […]

On Being A Writer

I am a writer

It is Friday, which means it is time for a double post sort of day. I am part of two amazing communities, both of which come together on Friday. If you are looking for my Ask Away Friday post with Adrienne from The Mommy Mess, it is here. Ask Away Friday is a great way […]

An every day hero story.

Hero Featured Image

We drive our neighbor the the doctor every time she asks, even though the steps it requires are enough to make most people’s head spin. Put the baby in a snow suit, Malone in a jacket. Buckle the baby into the car seat and car. Buckle  Malone in the car. Drive a half a block […]

{Five Minute Friday} Tree

Fall In New England 2

One of my favorite type of posts to write is Five Minute Friday. Each week, hundreds of bloggers write around a single writing prompt for five minutes and hit publish without edits or proofreading. The prompt is usually a single word that typically has a big meaning. The result is almost always something beautiful.  Go-  […]

{Big Girl Panties} The King Of The Laundry

Big Girl Panties I Can Ask For Help 2

Each Thursday night a group of writers gather on Twitter to wait for the week’s Five Minute Friday writing prompt. The writing challenge is just that- a challenge. Create word art in five minutes- share your story, share your soul. Hit publish without looking back at your work for edits. This week’s prompt is: Laundry […]