I met Ronnie of Happy Family Travels recently through Twitter and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite travel bloggers. I was thrilled when she asked me to guest post for her. Since we travel Cape Cod often, writing about it seemed like a natural fit!

Cape Cod With Kids 1

I’ve been traveling to Cape Cod for just about 10 years now. My mother in law lives there year round and my family of three lives  three hours away. We travel there several times a year and have become experts at most things Cape Cod.  If you’re coming to Cape Cod, I am going to assume you’ll be hitting the beach. Here is my list of things to splurge on and save on beyond the beach!

Spend on accommodations: There are several different websites that offer rental houses on Cape Cod. In my experience, if something seems like it is too good to be true in terms of rental price, chances are likely that is. We have family friends who learned the hard way after walking into a place full of cockroaches.

The Cape is divided into three sections- Upper Cape, Mid Cape, and Outer Cape. The rental market varies a bit from section to section and there are lots of other factors to consider, so please research wisely!

Tip- Most rentals go from Saturday afternoon to Saturday morning which means most vacationers are trying to get off the Cape at the same time (there are only two bridges that connect the Cape to the mainland). If you’ve got a flight in Boston to make on your return trip, your best bet is to get up extra early and hit the road before the rest of us.

Want to read the rest of my thoughts on what to save and spend on while you’re on Cape Cod? Head over to Happy Family Travels and read the rest of this post.