When I got my copy of Sarah Behnk’s book, Mama, Where Are You Going? in the mail, my nine year old didn’t miss a beat– “That’s the perfect book, because you’re always leaving.” OUCH! Fortunately, this is a board book for the littlest ones and  my four year old was much kinder, or at least, offered no comment in that regard.

Sarah is a working mom from East Longmeadow, MA who wrote, designed and self-published this sweet little book to help her young daughter, Aria,  understand why sometimes Mama has to leave the house.  One thing that really struck me about this book is that it shows HOW MUCH Mama does in addition to going to work. I think kids (my kids, anyway…how about yours?) think everything happens magically and don’t see all the work that goes into putting a meal on the table, or keeping clean clothes in the drawers, or having a tidy, comfortable house to live and play in.


My four year old son loved flipping through the book and pointing out all the little details that he recognizes from his own life. (Also, aren’t tiny little feet the best?)  As we read the book, he would say, “Oh, you do that, Mommy.”

This is an adorable  little book that is approachable, attractive and easy to read.  I asked Sarah a few questions about the book, so check out the Q&A below and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! One person will win a copy of Mama, Where Are You Going?

books about working moms

1. What inspired this book?

My husband, David, and I believe in a strong family unit. We have always had a close relationship with our daughter. We both sacrifice and work part time so that one of us is always home with her. I knew leaving her would be and is difficult.
Books are not only learning tools but provide comfort. I wanted a book for my daughter and other children that would help ease the separation anxiety that can occur when a parent leaves.
Even though the title of this book is “Mama, Where Are You Going?” it easily speaks to all parents.

2. How did your daughter react to the book?

She loves it! We choose books to read every night and she always chooses this book.

3. In your dedication, you said your daughter inspires you to do more. Tell us about that.

Recently, she told another little girl struggling with her mom leaving her at preschool that mommies always come back! I believe the message of this book is powerful. My daughter Aria inspires me with her love and kindness. She inspires me by using this book as a tool for her own separation anxiety. It drives me to get this book out there.

4. Mama does a lot in this book! When you look back at your childhood, what do you remember your own mother doing?

I remember my mom doing it all and her always being present. Most of all her I remember her unwavering love for her children. I know now she balanced so much more than what I saw but she always made her children her first priority and that is what strive to do.

5. What are your favorite children’s books? (Besides your own, of course!)

My favorite books include If You Give A Mouse A Cookie,  and The Kissing Hand for its powerful message.
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About Sarah:
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Books about working moms
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