When Rabia and Lisa sent the email saying this week’s Tuesday 10 was going to be about blogs I love, I knew that I wanted to link up. But here is the thing, I can’t pick just 10 blogs that I love. If I had to guess, I probably read between 50 and 75 blogs a week. I don’t always have time to comment through them all, but I read a bunch. If you read this blog, chances are likely that I read yours too.

I’ve decided to go with 10 that may not be on your radar at all. But if your name is Ilene, Lisa, Eli, Dana, Alison, Michelle, Rabia, Tamara, Jen, or Kim & Cloe, you’re on my list and in my heart.

I divided these into a few categories because it was easier to sort them. You’re welcome.

Blogs Bloggers Love

Blogs About Blogging: 

1. How They Blog is an interview style blog. Kat Lee sits down with a successful blogger and asks them to share some of their story. It is really neat to see how other bloggers work and what gadgets they use, but the How They Blog Podcast is the real gem here. The podcast episodes are full of practical advice, inspiration, and action steps. I’ve listened to every episode she’s produced so far and acted on a lot of the advice she’s given. This space is a work in progress, but I can say without a doubt that How They Blog has helped me to up my game.

2. Amy Lynn Andrews is an amazing resource. She is a blogger who blogs about blogging. If I have a technical question or really any blogging question, I turn to her. She just posted Blogging Tax Tips that gave me a ton of things to think about for next year (January 2014 was the first month I’ve ever made money).

3. The Story Of Telling is website and blog about marketing, entrepreneurship,  and branding. I adore it because it isn’t gimmicky. You do not want to miss 30 Questions For Every Start Up And Entrepreneur.

To Make You Laugh: 

4. I can only think of a handful of times that The Dose Of Reality hasn’t made me laugh. Ashley and Lisa are two of the funniest people I have (n)ever met in my entire life. I learned the hard way not to read their Pinterest Nightmare posts (posted on Fridays). More than once, I have laughed so hard that I spit coffee everywhere.

5. Christie from Letters From The Nest is my bloggie bestie. We’ve never met, but we talk all day long on Voxer. She shares the funniest stories about her three kids and their life on a farm in Tennessee. I can always count on her for a great laugh. Right after I read Pinterest Nightmares from the Does Girls, I head over to Letters From The Nest for Cell Phone Friday.

To Inspire You To A Life Well Lived: 

6. Sunny With A Chance Of Sprinkles is my new favorite lifestyle blog. It is a pretty mishmash of motherhood, DIY, product reviews, and life. It is done REALLY WELL. What I particularly admire is that her sponsored and review posts fit naturally with her voice and readership. Take a look at Because That Time Of Month Doesn’t Have To Suck to see what I mean.

7. I’m not sure when I first came across Diana Wrote, but I’ve read her blog for a really long time. Diana and her family have had a rough couple of years. 2 years ago they lost twin boys at 19 weeks. In 2013 their son Kaden passed away a few days after he was born. Through it all, Diana has wrote about her faith and questioning it, homeschooling, parenting their daughter Bella, and crafting. Her post about How to Order Butterbeer At Starbucks  went viral (as it should).

8. Jeanette from Life Rearranged is another one of my favorites. She has a big heart and often rallies her readers around a fundraising cause. She writes a mix of humor, faith, and daily life. She has written very openly about her daughter’s epilepsy. I love reading her blog because her voice is very authentic. I imagine that if she and I were to have coffee, she’d come across the same way.

9. Lisa Jo Baker is a cheerleader for moms. There are often times that I read her posts and think, man she must have been in my head! She recently wrote When You Worry You’ve Messed Up Your Kids And It Is Too Late To Fix Things  that blew me away. She is a woman who was surprised by motherhood and her authentic writing really inspires me.

10. My favorite blog of all is The Art Of Simple.  The Art of Simple is a contributor style blog that is about stories and tips around the idea of simple living. My word’s cannot do it justice. Go there. You won’t regret it.

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