Blogesty- My Brie Is Moldy (And other problems)


In the spirit of openness and blogesty, there is quite a bit boiling beneath my surface. But I don’t have the time or tears to let it come out right now so I can process it. I promise to honor them, deal with them, and rip open my heart later so you can play along too. For me, blogging is the best form of therapy. And I say things out loud so you don’t have to. But I’ve got some not so deep things to share today, so read on. Hold on tight friends, because my blogesty is out & it is about to get a little ranty here.

As I said before, my brie is moldy. I wouldn’t have this problem, but I ran out of crusty bread and forgot to buy more. And then we went on a quick vacation. I am completely aware at how terrible this is. That cheese was seven bucks and my pregnant self wants brie all the time (ssshhh.. don’t send the you can’t eat soft cheese pregnancy police to my door, the you can’t eat cold cuts police were already here). Additionally, I feel guilty for moaning about seven dollar cheese because it is such a first world problem.

I am having a complete meltdown about the upcoming school year (2013-14). It has NOTHING to do with Malone going to preschool and EVERYTHING to do with my friend’s little girl starting Kindergarten. I’m going to blame pregnancy hormones on this one, but for real I’ve found myself thinking things like “where has the time gone…” and “it was just yesterday I was holding her in the hospital.” Take away from this- I’m okay with my own kid growing up. But I want Hanna (name changed to protect the innocent) to stay a little girl forever. Her parents are close friends of ours and if this continues I will be a HOT MESS at her wedding. And if she marries Malone, I’m pretty sure I will just spontaneously combust. PS- Malone going to preschool 5 days a week for a few hours everyday is super exciting. I’ll have a newborn by then, fingers and toes crossed that little lady is chill at least for the first few months.

This is a Facebook PSA. If you are a professional, with a page that highlights your business  I would advise you to not talk poorly about your clients (or lack there of) on your personal page. I’m sure it is frustrating from your point of view, but calling them out publicly alters your image. Also Facebook wasn’t invented to let world know your every move, what you are eating, if you just went to the bathroom, etc. There is a thing called sharing too much. For real.   Also, if you are always a Debbie Downer, chances are likely that I’ll hide you from my feed. And also, please just talk to the person you’re posting passive aggressive status updates about. The world will be a better place if you do. Trust me.

Finally, this one is for anyone who comes to Cape Cod this summer. I may not live here full time, but my mother in law does. My husband grew up at the beach, so I’m a little invested in their well being. The dunes are fragile. I don’t care if “you just wanna get one picture” or “he’s not really hurting anything.” Let me repeat this to you- Hurricane Nemo took out up to six feet of dunes on a lot of beaches. The signs that say “keep off” are there for a reason. If you think the rules don’t apply to you, I will say something to you (or at least think about saying something to you as my blood boils and I give you the stink eye).

Ah.. I feel better already! Got some blogesty rants? Leave them for me in the comments!


13 Responses to Blogesty- My Brie Is Moldy (And other problems)

  1. NJ, education about disappearing dunes is a must in the schools. I learned so much while with Katy and Zach in SC and on the beach. Not only about the dunes but how much everything coexists together in the ocean and bays for a reason. They all need each other and when you take one away, we’ve got bigger problems.

    • When we were there this weekend, the problem was with the grown ups who were letting the kids play there and encouraging them to run up and down them for the sake of a photograph. Sad face.

  2. I,too, am looking forward to my kids having more hours in school — Alice in Kindergarten and Stella in preschool three mornings. All the more to enjoy my newborn without chaos of two other kids around me.
    The time, it gets sucked into a vacuum. That’s the only way to explain it…
    Nancy recently posted..Lately.My Profile

  3. Oh, the dunes thing BUGS me.

    Even though there are signs and fines for being on them, tourists think they need to climb up and take pics. NO.
    Shell recently posted..Pour Your Heart Out: Carrying the BabyMy Profile

  4. Maureen@ScoopsofJoy

    Love the Facebook part. More people need to read that :D
    Maureen@ScoopsofJoy recently posted..I Choose LoveMy Profile

    • Ha! You are right! But I know that if I put that on my main feed, someone would say something about it in a passive aggressive status update!

  5. thedoseofreality

    Love the Facebook part, too. Because oh my yes! Came by from SITS Sharefest on Twitter and so glad I did! :) -Ashley
    thedoseofreality recently posted..It Would Be A “Major Crime” To Miss This ShowMy Profile

  6. I could not agree with you more on the FB status updates. What is the point of those passive aggressive rants? How likely is it that person it’s aimed at will see it and know it’s about them? And how is that going to help the situation? More than likely other people will just look at it, judge you, yawn (especially if this is a common occurrence) and then eventually hide you from their feed.
    Stopping by from the Sharefest. Love what you’ve got going on over here! :)
    Amanda recently posted..A Full TankMy Profile

    • So true story- I once called someone out on Faceobok because I KNEW their passive aggressive post was about ME. They weren’t pleased to get called out, can you imagine! I hate that people say stuff on facebook that they won’t say to your face!

  7. At the end and beginning of every school year I can never decide if I’m happy or sad… Is mental instability a required trait for motherhood? If so I’m golden. (Stopping by from SITS!)
    Candy recently posted..The Day I Nearly Lost It. (+ my Blogiversary)My Profile

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